Quality is Key at South Shore Millwork

At South Shore Millwork, we value quality in everything we do, from workmanship to customer service. We’ve been providing high-quality woodworking to the New England region for 20 years, and our team of skilled engineers, project managers, craftsmen, and installation experts is ready to help you with your next project. Take a moment to get to know the ways we exemplify quality in our company.

Engineering and Drafting

Our engineering and drafting team creates extensively detailed plans which are submitted for approval before we ever touch wood. Our exacting drawings have been praised by the many contractors, designers, and architects we have had the honor to work with.

Project Management

Spectacular results require spectacular guidance, and our project managers provide it by integrating all of our departments into the current project, ensuring that all timelines and critical components meld seamlessly to create the highest-quality product possible.


The exceptional quality of our shop drawings, craftsmanship, and project management mean nothing if not installed with the same care and skill. That’s why our installation crews, many of whom started out in our shop, carry through with the exceptional service all the way to completion.

South Shore Millwork Projects

We provide a huge variety of services here at South Shore Millwork, from crafting custom windows and doors to cabinetry, book cases, architectural details, bars, and more! Take a look at how our high-quality woodworking gives this restaurant interior character and ambiance.

A dark chair rail and wainscoting give a sophisticated, old-fashioned vibe to this dining room, unifying the space and helping to draw the eye upward, towards the vivid wallpaper, and directing diners’ attention towards the eye-level of their dining partners.

The chic, glossy black finish is carried over from the chair rail and wainscoting to the bank of shelving and counters behind the bar, creating a stylish showcase for the establishment’s bar offerings. Things get really interesting at the bar, which literally lights up the space. The white finish on the paneled bar keeps the space from being too dark, and translucent panels actually allow lights to shine from within the bar itself for a warm, luminous look.

Contact us at South Shore Millwork today for your high-quality woodworking needs in Boston and the New England area!

Custom Windows from South Shore Millwork

We have worked on a wide variety of projects in the Boston and greater New England area, ranging from new construction to historic renovations. Our skilled craftsmen are able to create whatever your design calls for, from matching a unique arch-topped window to re-creating a historic curved sash.

Whether your project calls for a simple pattern or a truly unique and innovative solution, we are equipped to provide you with the high-quality woodwork you need, even including specialty glazing. Take a look at some of the beautiful examples of our finely crafted windows, and if you are located in the New England area, contact South Shore Millwork today for help with your next design!

This distinctive round window adds character and architectural interest.

For a bank of windows like this, the highest level of quality and craftsmanship is imperative.

The beauty of well-crafted window casings made from warm wood transforms any room from mediocre to top-notch.

Getting to Know South Shore Millwork: Tour the Shop

South Shore Millwork does some of the finest woodworking in the New England area, creating custom doors, cabinetry, architectural details, and more. But after seeing some of the beautiful examples of our work in the gallery, you’re probably wondering- how do we do it?

Well, come on in to our workshop and see for yourself! The shop is the heart of our business, the place where our talented craftsmen turn humble wood into custom mouldings, fine veneer on doors and cabinets, and grand doors and windows that pack an architectural punch. Take a look at these photos to get a better idea of how we work here at South Shore Millwork.

We utilize whatever tools necessary to create a stunning final product, whether it be computer aided manufacturing or an artisan doing highly detailed work with a chisel. If you are a contractor, builder, or designer in the Boston and New England areas, contact us today for help with your next project!

A Proud Member of the Builders Association of Greater Boston

At South Shore Millwork, our goal is to provide the best quality architectural woodwork to the New England area. Since our founding in 1991, we have stayed committed to our craftsmanship and our clients. We guarantee all of our warranties on all of our products. Clients can also trust in our work as we are a full member of the Builders Association of Greater Boston.

As a member of the Builders Association of Greater Boston, we also benefit from memberships with the Home Builders Association of Massachusetts and the National Association of Home Builders. We have access to the association’s reference library, which helps us with or work and relationships with our clients. The BAGB also offers many other great opportunities that benefit South Shore Millwork including educational programs that improve professional skills and expertise.

Visit the BAGB website to find out more information. And if you are looking for quality architectural woodwork, contact South Shore Millwork.

Photo by Wirawat Lian-udom via flickr.

South Shore Millwork’s Specialty Doors


A variety of possibilities with our specialty doors.

Here at South Shore Millwork, we strive to be New England’s first source for fine architectural woodwork. The backbone behind this goal is our shop, where our skilled employees take raw materials and turn them into the best products available. Some of these products are our specialty doors.

No matter what kind of door you are looking for, we have the skill and products to meet your demands. We have a variety of doors, from front entry doors to custom interior doors for an entire building. Are you looking for a classic look or a more modern look? Either way, our artisans will create the exact door that you need. Your door, like all of the doors that we produce, will be an amazing piece of art. We hand make every door, never using conveyor belts or production lines, giving your door a personal touch. Whenever you need a custom door made by the best professionals, make sure to contact South Shore Millwork!

Boston Residential Design and Construction Conference

Mark your calendars for a great event coming up in Boston at the Seaport World Trade Center, April 28-29, 2011. Boston Rebuild- Residential Design and Construction Conference will feature some great workshops, speakers, and exhibitors- including South Shore Millwork!

Come see us at our booth in the Exhibit Hall, and learn how our high-end woodworking services can enhance your next residential or commercial project. In the Exhibit Hall, you’ll also be able to explore the latest building materials and supplies, find out about new technology, explore services from 200 vendors in the Boston area.

There are also three tracks of workshops to choose from:

Energy: LEED certification, net-zero energy, Passive House; this track explores the need to find sustainable, energy-efficient new methods in the design and construction industries.

Housing: This track will address the growing need to deal with diverse housing requirements, from single-family homes to multi-family ones.

Renovation: Adapting existing buildings to contemporary life while retaining their character; this is the “quintessential New England challenge.” From historic preservation to modern retrofits, design and construction professionals working in New England can all learn from this track.

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting event from South Shore Millwork. And remember, you don’t have to wait for the conference to get to know us! Contact us today to find out how we can help with your next construction or renovation project.

New England’s Largest Resawn Lumber Provider

In addition to the many other high-end millwork services we offer here at South Shore Millwork, we are also New England’s largest provider of resawn lumber. Whether you need lumber resawn for door skins, flooring, boat building, or creating radius moldings, we can accommodate your needs. Re-sawing is not only economical, but it also saves natural resources by making many thinner boards out of one thick board. Re-sawing also allows for better uniformity of color and grain.

We can supply over a dozen standard wood species and a huge selection of special varieties, but we will also custom cut your own lumber according to your specifications. Resawn lumber is superior to veneer, providing a healthier looking end result and reducing sand-through errors. South Shore Millwork can also manufacture your resawn lumber and stave cores, as well as stave core stiles and rails.

We serve woodworkers and contractors all over the New England area, and we’d love to help with your next project. Contact South Shore Millwork today!

photo by Incase (CC)