Gelfand Glass Delivery and Install- Swampscott, MA

Here at South Shore Millwork, we have the opportunity to work with some great businesses on projects all over New England. Take a look at these photos of Gelfand Glass Delivery unloading and installing 16 pieces of 1 11/16″ thick hurricane glass from Tower Glass. The team worked tirelessly to complete this job on a mid teen temperature day in the wind.

Our Mission- Your Vision

Ever since we were founded by Jeff Burton back in 1991, South Shore Millwork has been dedicated to providing the kind of quality and service that makes our customers keep coming back for more. We employ the best in the industry to provide the same high-quality product every time, and the results show.

Architects, general contractors and designers all over the Boston and New England areas have trusted us to bring their visions to life. Read on to learn more about how we can help make your next project a reality.

  • Architects- We work closely with architects in every phase of the process, from construction to installation, so you can rest assured that the integrity of your design is maintained and all woodwork is completed and installed to exact specifications. Whether you are in need of historic reproductions, custom windows and doors, or any other kind of custom fine woodworking, we can provide it.
  • General Contractors- We are an Architectural Woodwork Institute-certified “Premium” shop, and one of the region’s fastest growing fine millwork shops.
  • Interior Designers- Whatever your vision, we can help make it a reality, refining any space with finely crafted custom woodwork and adding architectural and design interest to your interior.

Photo from our gallery page.

Going Green at South Shore Millwork

At South Shore Millwork, we take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our work, but we also take pride in the way our products are manufactured. We “go green” as much as possible in every stage of our operation, from start to finish.

Here are a few of the ways in which our Boston area fine woodworking company respects and protects the environment:

  • In our office, we make sure to review documents in electronic form and print only when necessary, thereby minimizing our paper usage.
  • Our shop reuses templates and jigs through multiple projects to prevent waste.
  • The finish department reuses blue prints from completed jobs to mask off products before finishing. The drawings are then recycled with our other paper waste.
  • We have multiple recycling programs, to accommodate things like paper, plastic, and wood scraps.
  • Wood scraps are donated to a nonprofit organization the recycles it, benefiting a local charity.
  • Obviously we produce a lot of sawdust, but even that doesn’t go to waste! Our sawdust is pressed into wood pellets for pellet stoves, which turns an often wasted byproduct into heating fuel for many residents.
  • Our paper waste is recycled into paperboard.

To find out more about our company, visit South Shore Millwork.

photo by Andreanna Moya

How We Work

We have been providing exceptional millwork to designers, architects, and builders in the Boston area for 20 years. Our combination of skilled engineers, draftsmen and woodworkers, organized and experienced project management, and dedication to customer service allows South Shore Millwork to consistently deliver the highest-possible quality and customer satisfaction.

Take a moment to get to know our process, and you’ll see how we maintain a thorough and effective workflow.

  • Meticulous engineering and drafting, followed by approval from client before work begins, ensures the client’s vision is executed perfectly.
  • Craftsmen trained in a range of both high-tech and traditional woodworking techniques lovingly craft each order to the client’s specifications.
  • Our exacting installation team, many of whom started out in the shop, make sure that the job is finished right.
  • Throughout our process, from design to fabrication, we strive to be as “green” as possible. (Find out more about how we Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.)

See more of our operation on the Shop page.

South Shore Millwork at Boston RDC

We’re getting excited here at South Shore Millwork, because the Boston Residential Design and Construction Show is coming up on April 28th and 29th!

This event is a great opportunity to check out the range of residential products and services available in the New England area and network with residential design and construction professionals. South Shore Millwork will be there at booth number 455. We hope you’ll stop by and see us!

It is free to get into the exhibit hall, but you’ll need to register for a pass. The free exhibit hall pass provides access to “innovative products and services, free education on the Learning Stage, easy-to-find green products, Portfolio Showcase, book signings, networking and happy hours.” The event will take place at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston.

Exhibit Hall Hours:

Thursday, April 28th from 10 am to 5:30 pm

Friday, April 29th from 10 am to 3 pm

image via Rebuild

Our Curved and Radius Work

Of the many types of custom woodworking we do here at South Shore Millwork, some of our most beautiful projects involve curved and radius work. Entrance doors, cabinetry, and architectural features with rounded elements can be a beautiful addition to any design or renovation project, and we have the high-quality craftsmanship to bring your vision to life. From computer aided manufacturing to resawn vaccum pressing to hand-carved work, we can produce the curved millwork your project requires. Take a look at some of our past projects below, or visit our Curved & Radius gallery to see more!

This arched doorway paired with a beautifully-crafted door creates a welcoming entrance.

The round, sweeping lines of these hand-crafted beams create a beautiful focal point for the space, drawing the eye up towards a lovely chandelier.

The curved face to these drawers is an unexpectedly luxurious touch.

Woodwork in the Bathroom

Today’s homeowners are expecting more and more out of their living spaces, as evidenced by the trend towards kitchens that are also gathering spots for family and friends. The bathroom is another area in which the multi-tasking ethos has taken root, giving rise to bathrooms that go beyond mere function to create a space of spa-like retreat and relaxation.

This post on Better Homes and Gardens shows a great example of the trend- one homeowner’s bathroom renovation, inspired by a hotel spa in Barcelona. Granite countertops and dark woodwork add a welcome dose of Old World elegance to a formerly boring and cramped space.

Paneling, knee walls, molding, custom cabinetry, and a beautiful vanity all combine to form a serene and peaceful escape from the outside world. Here at South Shore Millwork, we have been producing high-quality custom woodwork for years. The photo above is just one example of the ability of our fine woodwork to transform a room into a luxurious haven, be it a study, bathroom, dressing room, kitchen, or parlor.

Call us today to take your design or construction project to the next level of quality and style.

Dressing Room Drama

Dressing rooms are one of the big trends in home design these days, and clients now expect much more than ample closet space. The modern luxury home owner requires a dressing room/closet space that is not only big enough to hold a certain number of items, but also serves as a beautiful, relaxing, and stylish area for dressing, truly a room in its own right.

These images from our portfolio of projects here at South Shore Millwork show just how important beautiful, custom woodwork can be in transforming a space. Besides specialized organizational features to appropriately store clothing and accessories, the craftsmanship and skill displayed in the cabinetry adds drama and richness to a space that could easily become cluttered and unattractive.

This masculine dressing room features an abundance of storage, but each drawer and closet is tucked away behind attractive and finely-crafted wood cabinetry. The rich, dark wood creates a unified space that almost seems too elegant to be hidden away!

The light color and beautiful detailing on the cabinetry and ceiling molding in this dressing room create an airy, feminine atmosphere. If you are in need of high-end custom woodwork for your next New England or Boston area project, call South Shore Millwork today!

South Shore Millwork and EMNARI

Here at South Shore Millwork, we provide a variety of fine woodworking services to clients all over Boston and the New England area. Our shop is certified by the Architectural Woodwork Institute, and we are also a member of multiple building and remodeling associations.

We are proud to be a member of EMNARI, the Eastern Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Here’s what EMNARI stands for:

EM NARI is a not-for-profit trade association committed exclusively to enhancing the professionalism of the remodeling industry and providing ethical and quality service to the region’s remodeling homeowners. Representing full-service remodeling contractors, design-build firms, architects, designers, subcontractors, product manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and those who provide services and products to the remodeling field, NARI stands as the spokesperson of the industry and an ally to the nation’s homeowners.

Whether you are an architect, designer, or general contractor, we can help you bring your next project to life with skilled draftsman and craftsmanship, installation, project oversight, and a commitment to integrity and quality service. Visit our website to learn more about South Shore Millwork.