Architectural Features by South Shore Millwork: Arched Doorways

An arched doorway can create a more aesthetically beautiful entrance into a room or home. Typical of early American and British homes in 1900s, arched doorways can add an Old World elegance to your design style. At South Shore Millwork we can create an arched doorway to your existing doorframe. This architectural feature is custom designed with our high-quality craftsmanship.

Arched doorways will not only add a timeless appeal to your home, its curved design is also able to withstand more weight than a more common post-and-beam door. Take a look at some of our arched doorway designs below.

For more information on how we transform your existing doorway into an beautiful arched doorway contact South Shore Millwork at 888-903-5308.

Perfect Paneling

Paneling has been a popular way to adorn the interiors of homes for hundreds of years, but this traditional form of decoration can still hold its own in interiors ranging from totally traditional to straight-up modern. Take a look at some gorgeous and inspirational interiors featuring this classic design choice.

Millwork mudroom with horizontal detailing via Pinterest.

Traditional paneling instills a graphic sensibility into this modern study. Image via Pinterest.

Millwork adorns a foyer, stairway and dining room. Image via Pinterst.

This paneling (via Pinterest) adds even more visual interest to an eclectic interior.

Our skilled craftsmen can create almost any look, from historical recreations to stunning contemporary work. If you are an architect, interior designer or builder, call South Shore Millwork today at 888.903.5308 for help with your next custom woodworking project in the Boston area!

South Shore Millwork’s Green Initiatives

For 20 years, our Norton, Massachusetts-based custom woodworking company has been serving architects, designers and builders in the Boston area. In those 20 years, we have gone through a lot of changes, and we always strive to improve our company in any way possible. One area that we have focused on improving here at South Shore Millwork is environmental awareness, and we are dedicated to constantly improving the way we operate in order to benefit the environment.

We attempt to follow the three R’s- Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle- throughout every step of our manufacturing process. Take a look at a few of the measures we take to achieve this goal.

  • Our office reviews documents in electronic form and attempts to minimize printing and other forms of paper consumption.
  • Our shop reuses templates and jigs through multiple projects when possible in order to limit waste.
  • Our finishing department reuses the blueprints from past jobs to mask off casework for finishing, after which they are recycled.
  • We recycle many of the byproducts from our manufacturing process, including paper, plastic, wood and sawdust.

To learn more about our green programs, visit South Shore Millwork, or call us at 888.903.5308.

image via Pinterest

Custom Mouldings 101

At South Shore Millwork, we provide a variety of custom woodworking services,  including the production of an array of mouldings. Mouldings add an unmatched elegance and classic feel to any space, and there are a variety of styles to choose from. We can create:

  • Casings
  • Baseboards
  • Crown Mouldings
  • Chair Rail & Panel Mouldings
  • Backband
  • Cope & Stick
  • Raised Panels
  • Cap Moulding
  • Applied Moulding
  • Flute & Bead
  • Handrail
  • Plinth
  • Cove
  • Tongue & Groove
  • Window Sills and Edges
  • Rosettes
  • and more.

Take a look at some of the basic kinds of decorative moulding, below.

If you are an architect, interior designer, or builder working in the New England area, contact South Shore Millwork today for help on your next custom woodworking project.

image via Wikipedia

Millwork in the Movies

Custom woodworking is the hallmark of an elegant, luxurious interior, evoking bygone days of opulence and splendor.  At South Shore Millwork, we can create custom mouldings, paneling, door frames, window casings, shelving, architectural features, and much more. We can help return a building to its former glory in historic restoration projects, or give new structures a sense of character, history, and place with custom woodwork that recalls the detailed and meticulous interiors of the past.

Take a look at these inspirational interiors featuring beautiful millwork, from some of our favorite period movies.

Marie Antoinette via How To Hospitality

Sense and Sensibility via Design Sponge

by Jonathan Player for NY Times

Atonement via S-Tia

If you are an architect, interior designer, or builder looking for custom millwork services in the Boston area, contact South Shore Millwork today!

Moulding Adds Visual Interest

At South Shore Millwork, we can help you with all of your millwork needs, from special windows and doors to custom radius work to moulding to cabinetry. Clients these days expect more when it comes to the design of their homes and businesses, and custom woodworking is a great way to add character and architectural personality to a space.

We can create many kinds of moulding, including rosettes, flute & bead, tongue & groove, crown moulding, plinth, and more. Take a look at some great uses of molding to add visual appeal to a space, from Better Homes and Gardens.

Call South Shore Millwork today at 888.903.5308. For more information about moulding, visit our Resawn-Lumber and Moulding page.

Design Trend: Home Libraries

The Kindle may be going strong with the techy set, but there are still plenty of people out there who love a good, old fashioned, paper book. For many homeowners, incorporating their book collection into their home is a must, and the home library concept has become a popular trend in the home improvement and design world.

Take a look at some examples of great home libraries, below, as seen on Digs Digs. Whether the client wants a modern, traditional, or eclectic look, we can create custom built-in shelving for the perfect home library, using only the best craftsmanship and construction methods.

South Shore Millwork has been working in the residential and commercial custom woodwork industry for 20 years, helping architects, interior designers, and contractors bring their vision to life. Contact us today for help with your next project in the Boston or greater New England area.

Custom Storage from South Shore Millwork

Organization is a huge topic in the design world these days, and clients expect more and more customized solutions to their storage and organization needs. The trend towards dressing room-type closets is one expression of this, with homeowners investing ever more enthusiastically in closets with custom cabinetry and beautiful finishes, for a room that goes far beyond just storage.

At South Shore Millwork, we work with New England’s best architects, interior designers, and builders to create unique storage solutions that not only work, but also look fabulous! Take a look at some examples of our work, below, and call us today for help with your custom woodworking needs!

This custom closet/dressing room features elegant molding, built-in armoires, an island, and even a cozy window seat.

There’s no need to destroy the clean aesthetic of a room when you can simply conceal storage behind understated paneling.

Custom cabinetry with a sleek, modern look gives this bathroom plenty of storage while retaining a sophisticated ambiance.

Custom Built-in Bookcases

We do a variety of residential and commercial projects here at South Shore Millwork, and one of the big hits in residential design right now is the classic built-in bookcase. Integrating storage and display space into the design of the house makes any collection, but especially books and DVDs, look much more organized.

Custom built-in shelving from South Shore Millwork will not only make the room look much neater, but is also a great way to inject personal style into a room. Whether the client wants a sleek contemporary look or a traditional style with plenty of architectural detailing, we can deliver.

Take a look at some great examples of built-in bookcase inspiration from around the web, and visit South Shore Millwork to see examples of our work.We would love to provide the fine custom woodwork for your next project in the Boston or greater New England area.

via Apartment Therapy

via Elle Decor

via Apartment Therapy