Moulding Adds Detail to Interior Design

Upscale interiors require a custom, personalized look that can only be achieved by considering every last surface of the room. This means that architectural details, like moulding, must be of the highest quality, and must be carefully chosen to further the aesthetic of the space.

At South Shore Millwork, based in Norton, Massachusetts, we work with architects, custom home builders, and interior designers from all over New England to create spaces of distinction. One of our specialties is custom molding, which we can manufacture in a variety of styles.

Interior design site Houzz has a great roundup of interiors that use moulding to great effect. Take a look at some of the inspirational photos, below.

deep custom moulding

An extremely deep moulding is used at the ceiling in this room, creating the illustion of a higher ceiling and giving the room a lighter, airier feel.

architectural moulding emphasized by painted accent

Classic moulding makes even more of an impact when highlighted with a painted strip outlining it on the ceiling. Another strip of moulding outlines the painted strip, unifying the walls and ceiling and creating plenty of architectural interest.

    Accent moulding with metallic stripe at ceiling

Add an element of luxury by accenting moulding with a metallic sheen. Bordered with platinum, gold or bronze, any moulding is bound to look absolutely grand. This technique could work equally well in a modern, contemporary home or a historical home with period architectural touches.

If you would like to use architectural millwork in your next Boston-area design project, please contact South Shore Millwork today, or take a look at our Moulding Catalog.

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Millwork in Bedroom Design

When designing distinctive, high-end interiors, the details are key. If you are an interior designer or architect in the Boston area and are looking for a custom woodworking shop to help you take your design to the next level, give South Shore Millwork a call.

Today’s homeowners expect much more when it comes to their bedrooms, and custom millwork can add that special touch that sets normal rooms apart from extraordinary rooms. This collection of bedroom design photos shows some truly stunning boudoirs that use millwork as a design element.

Custom shelving and built-in beds give this room a cozy yet elegant look.

Paneling painted in muted colors and intricately detailed molding combine for a subtle and sophisticated result.

Though paneling like this could be at home in a traditional interior, in this modern room it takes on a great graphic quality.

Crisp white paneling contrasts beautifully with the deep blue walls and keeps the room from being too dark.

The traditionally inspired custom millwork in this room creates a striking and beautiful contrast when paired with modern, casual materials like the rustic wood floor and grasscloth wall covering.

Are you a New England luxury builder, architect, or interior designer? To contact South Shore Millwork for help with your next custom woodworking project in or around the Boston area, call us today at 888.903.5308!

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Fire Rated Doors with a Custom Look

Are you an architect, interior designer or home builder in the Boston area in search of custom fire rated doors? If so, our Norton, Massachusetts based custom woodworking shop is just what you’re looking for!

At South Shore Millwork, we can create custom fire doors in wood or MDF to perfectly suit your project. With hundreds of styles and unlimited customization options, you won’t have to sacrifice style in favor of 20- to 90- minute fire doors.

By purchasing all of the doors for your project from South Shore Millwork, you ensure that the look stays consistently high-quality throughout, while maintaining fire door safety. We can also provide glass doors in 20-minute ratings, and we can accommodate almost any design into our 20-through 90- minute doors. Our doors are available in both paint-grade MDF and stain-grade wood, and we also provide both neutral and positive pressure 20-minute doors.

If you are interested in working with us on your next New England area project, contact us today!

Custom Doors Make a Statement

When designing a home or business, the entrance is always a very important element of the overall design. When striving to make a fabulous first impression, it can’t hurt to put some extra creativity and thought into the door.

At South Shore Millwork, we can create the one-of-a-kind front door that will set your project apart from the rest, creating instant visual impact and serving as a fitting introduction to the rest of the space. Whether you require a historic reproduction or a sleek, modern look, we can deliver.

Round doors are a very distinctive look, and they can work wonderfully for a variety of different home or business styles. Take a look at some inspirational photos of rounded doors, below.

Our doors are carefully hand-crafted by skilled craftsmen in our Boston-area shop, so each one is a unique work of art. Contact South Shore Millwork today for more information about our custom doors or other custom woodworking for your New England architecture, design or construction project.

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South Shore Millwork in the Press

South Shore Millwork has been in business for 20 years, and during that time we have worked with some of the best architects, interior designers, and builders in the Boston area and all over New England. We put a very strong emphasis on quality and craftsmanship from fabrication to installation, and everything in between, and our impeccable custom woodworking has been featured in a number of notable publications, including:

  • New England Home
  • Boston Design
  • CWB Magazine
  • Southern New England Home
  • Architectural Digest
  • Design New England
  • Cape & Islands
  • Connecticut Builder

South Shore Millwork also retains membership in a number of trade organizations- the Architectural Woodwork Institute, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the Builders Association of Greater Boston.

We are proud to work with so many talented industry professionals, and look forward to providing the high-end custom millwork for your next project!

AWI Certified Custom Millwork

When choosing a custom millwork company for your design or construction project in the Boston area, it is important to consider the qualifications of your potential choices. Membership in a trade organization implies that the company maintains a high level of quality in their products and is respected within the industry.

South Shore Millwork is a proud member of the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI), a non-profit trade association founded in 1953. AWI sets the standard for excellent woodworking with guidelines that encourage service, craftsmanship and excellence.

We are certified by the AWI Quality Certification Program, which lets you know that you can trust the craftsmanship and quality of our projects. To learn more about our operation, you can visit our website and explore our portfolio, take a tour of our shop, and find out more about the various types of custom woodworking we provide for architects, interior designers and builders all over New England.

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Curved Beam Ceilings

Our Boston-area custom millwork company is able to create a variety of curved and rounded elements for your building project, whether it is new construction, home remodeling, or a historic renovation. We work with interior designers, architects, and builders all over New England, and our curved elements always add architectural elegance to any space, big or small.

Curved ceiling beams are a beautiful way to introduce custom woodwork into a project, for that extra bit of visual interest and architectural character. Take a look at some great examples of this style, below.

South Shore Millwork created this grand ceiling, which helps to draw the focus of the room upwards towards the impressive chandelier.

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We created this unique beamed ceiling in which the rich, dark wood contrasts beautifully with the stark white surfaces.

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To find out more about our custom woodworking services, visit South Shore Millwork or call 888.903.5308 today!

South Shore Millwork’s Cape Cod Project

One of our favorite projects was a private residence that we worked on in Cape Cod. We hand planed the wood work to give it that “old world” hand worked charm. We did the architectural millwork on both the private library and basketball court.

Architectural Millwork by South Shore Millwork

Architectural Millwork by South Shore Millwork

At South Shore Millwork we create an environment that allows our clients vision to be realized. Our strong relationships with New England’s finest architects, interior designers and contractors help us stay on top of the latest trends hitting our industry. For more information about South Shore Millwork please visit us online at or give us a call at 888.903.5308.