Contemporary Millwork in the Kitchen

When most people think of millwork, they think of grand old homes with ornate carved detail and architectural features. And while we certainly do a lot of historical preservation work and historically inspired architectural woodwork, that is just a part of what millwork can be used for.

As you can see in these beautiful contemporary kitchens compiled by Better Homes and Gardens, modern millwork can be just as stunning as its more decorative counterpart.

This kitchen shows a great use of sleek, contemporary millwork, with unique blue cabinetry and a rounded island.

Elegant and simple in shape, yet abounding with color and texture, this kitchen uses two types of wood to coordinate with the rich, earthy tones of the stone backsplash.

Rich, luminescent wood cabinetry and cubbyhole shelving spanning the length of the room make this kitchen and dining area a standout.

If you are an interior designer, luxury home builder, or architect with a love for contemporary design, contact South Shore Millwork today! We’d love to work with you on your next residential or commercial design project in the Boston area.

Enhance an Entrance With Moulding

Doorways are often a focal point in a space, so it makes sense to enhance them with some extra detailing that will add architectural interest. No matter what type of interior you are working with, there is a type of moulding that will look great and help further the aesthetic of the building. Take a look at some great examples of doorway moulding, below, from This Old House.

This arched doorway features curved moulding and stately paneling.

Wide moulding creates subtle, classic elegance.

This home displays some fantastic millwork. Fluted columns and dentil detailing on the lintel echo the grand fireplace surround in the next room.

You can’t go wrong with a gorgeous arched window over the door to let in lots of natural light. Also of note are the elegant wainscoting, thick baseboard moulding, and great built-in storage.

This take on the arched window includes detailed carvings for a more opulent look.

This arched doorway would work beautifully in a Mission-style  home or any interior with a Spanish influence. It is also a great example of warm, rich wood used to best effect.

If you are building, designing, or remodeling a home or business in the Boston area and would like to incorporate custom mouldings, contact South Shore Millwork today! We can create a wide variety of mouldings, trims, and other architectural accents to lend character to any project. Visit our portfolio to see some examples of our fine custom millwork.

South Shore Millwork on A&E’s Disaster Guy

We are very excited to announce that South Shore Millwork will appear on  the upcoming episode of  A&E’s Disaster Guy! Tune in this Saturday, September 24th at 12pm/11C to see how we teamed up with the Disaster Guy crew to make things right for an American military family.

Due to an electrical fire, the LaBonte family’s beautiful 100-year-old Victorian house in Mooseup, Connecticut burned, destroying the third floor of the home and causing devastating water damage to the rest of the house. Thankfully the family escaped unharmed, but father and husband Luke LaBonte, an Army National Guard Staff Sergeant, was scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan mere days later.

With only a few days left to deal with the insurance company, plan the rebuilding of the house, and find a temporary home, the LaBontes needed help. Fortunately “Disaster Guy” Steve Frasher was able to step in and help orchestrate the rebuilding of the historic home so that the LaBontes could move back in before Luke deployed. However, due to the historic nature of the home, the town mandated that the house be rebuilt to match the original elaborate Victorian architecture. But how could a historic restoration project be completed in just a matter of days?

That’s where we came in! South Shore Millwork was asked to help restore this family home, and we jumped at the chance. In just 4 days, we worked around the clock to create about $10,000 worth of historically accurate brackets, moulding, and trims, including curved and radius work. Our own Budd Kelley says of the experience, “It was a whirlwind; it definitely tested our mettle.”

We’re proud to have been a part of this great project, working with Disaster Guy to lend a helping hand to a deserving family. Tune in this Saturday at 12pm/11C to see how it all comes together!

image via A&E



Unique Windows Add Architectural Interest

People say eyes are the windows to the soul, and when it comes to buildings, you could say that windows do indeed provide a glimpse into the soul of a home. Windows provide natural light and architectural interest, and they are a great place to make a statement or show off a unique style. Take a look at some gorgeous windows for inspiration, below.

These stately dark wood window casings perfectly match the paneling and crown moulding in this elegant room featured in House Beautiful. (image via Pinterest)

This room displays some truly interesting millwork in a modern setting. The round window makes a stunning focal point centered on the wall in this attic room, while built-in nightstands allow for even more natural light through floor-level windows. (image via Pinterest)

The window on this cottage is understated, yet visually striking. (image via Pinterest)

This grand, arched window framed in dark wood provides a stunning background for an eclectic interior.  (image via Pinterest)

If you are a New England architect, builder or interior designer, contact South Shore Millwork today for all of your custom architectural woodwork needs! Located in Norton, Massachusetts, we have been creating beautiful millwork for Boston area design and building professionals for over 20 years.

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Built-In Seating: Cozy and Custom

Homeowners demand so much more from their homes these days, and here at South Shore Millwork, we love to help make it happen! We work with truly talented architects, interior designers and luxury builders in the New England area to bring their great ideas to life, so the client ends up with a space that is perfectly customized for their life and style.

Most people are creating more casual homes these days, which means there is a renewed  interest in the breakfast nook or kitchen dining spot. With custom millwork and some creativity, a built-in banquette can function not only as beautiful and cozy casual dining space, but also as an ingenious storage spot! Check out some great examples of built-in banquettes for inspiration.

 These pull-out drawers provide plenty of hidden storage.

This breakfast nook combines casual elegance with lots of hidden storage that guests will never guess is there!

The millwork on this bench seating suits the interior perfectly, and the upholstered cushions lift up to reveal a sizable storage space.

This sleek, modern kitchen features a banquette composed of cabinets for storing table linens, seldom-used serving pieces, or even seasonal items.

Are you looking for a millwork shop to create custom built-ins for a Boston area commercial or residential project? If so, contact South Shore Millwork today!

First image via Pinterest, all other images via Built-In Banquette Ideas on Better Homes and Gardens

Environmentally Friendly Custom Woodwork in New England

In times like these, when our natural resources are in high demand, it’s up to us as professionals, builders, and architects to choose only the most environmentally friendly products, especially when it comes to woodwork. If you and your clients are sticklers for the environment, South Shore Millwork can provide you with the greenest architectural woodwork materials in the New England area.

Architectural millwork

Visit South Shore Millwork for environmentally friendly architectural woodworking, no matter how big the task.

At South Shore Millwork, we strive to support the environment throughout our entire manufacturing process with the following green efforts:

  • Reduce– Instead of using pounds and pounds of paper, we look over documents on the computer, further reducing paper consumption.
  • Reuse– We are always actively searching for ways to reuse templates and jigs in our shop, which limits the waste of materials. We also reuse blue prints after jobs are completed to mask off casework.
  • Recycle– We recycle all of our byproducts such as wood scraps, paper, and plastic at South Shore Millwork. For instance, our sawdust is used for pellet stoves as a heating fuel for some residents. Paper is recycled into paperboard.

If you have any questions about our recycling process or general questions about our woodwork shop, feel free to contact South Shore Millwork.






Elevate Your Style With Millwork on the Ceiling

When creating a space for your clients, how much consideration do you give the “5th wall”- the ceiling? According to a recent article in Hudson Valley Magazine, one of the biggest interior design trends of 2011 is “treating ceilings as the fifth wall” with paint, moulding, and other custom millwork.

No longer ignored or left as a blank white canvas, ceilings are being incorporated in room design in a number of ways. Paint (in a variety of shades, patterns, and textures), crown moldings, medallions, tin tiles, even domes are all being used on ceilings as the finishing touch in a well-designed space.

Two great examples of the style are beamed and coffered ceilings. Beams can lend an air of rustic elegance to a space, especially if left unpainted, while coffered ceilings are usually more formal and add an unmistakable dose of elegance. Take a look at some examples of these styles, below.

image via our Portfolio

image via Pinterest

Would you like to feature beautiful custom woodwork in your next design? If so, call South Shore Millwork today! Our Boston-area millwork shop has experience working with the very best architects, luxury builders, and interior designers in the New England area. We’d love to add you to our list of happy customers!