Festive Holiday Mantels

Since the fireplace is usually the major focal point in a room, having a beautiful mantel is a must. And at the holidays, a beautifully carved fireplace mantel stands out even more as the stage for festive holiday decorations. Take a look at some inspirational mantels decked out for the season.

 Exquisite, ornately carved black marble and walnut fireplace at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. There is some truly amazing millwork in this beautiful old home.

Mercury glass, greenery, and the warm glow of candles make this a lovely focal point.

A simple garland of flowers, some winter branches, and simple candles provide an elegant and subtle holiday feel to this fireplace.

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Millwork in Masculine Interiors

One of the best things about custom architectural millwork is that you can achieve so many effects. Our high-quality craftsmanship combined with the vision and creativity of interior designers and luxury home builders has produced some really stunning projects.

There are so many fabulous design publications these days, with a wealth of inspiration for millwork applications. More ornate, feminine interiors are often showcased, but architectural millwork can also work well for masculine interiors. Take a look at some great examples of elegant, masculine millwork.

Dark wood paneling and a meticulously carved and detailed ceiling, combined with leather furnishings, animal print, and a mounted water buffalo head create a rich, safari-inspired space.

Rich, reddish wood and the geometry of the paneling make a striking impression in this space, and evoke an Arts and Crafts aesthetic.

This kitchen is a fabulous example of classic-meets-modern masculinity. Traditional, ornamental moulding frames the doorways and dish display, with the elegance of these elements juxtaposed perfectly with the  bold, rustic island.

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The Changing Face of the American “Custom” Home

At South Shore Millwork, we’ve been working with New England’s best interior designers, architects, and luxury builders to create custom woodwork for homes, businesses, and historical structures for over 20 years. We love being part of inspired residential construction or remodeling projects where we can create unique features that are not only beautiful, but also make homes easier and more pleasant to use. So of course we enjoyed this article in The Atlantic: Cities about the evolution of “custom” home design, and where the industry may be going in the future.

The article follows the progression of supposedly custom homes, from the McMansion boom of the 1990’s, era of the towel warmer and other frivolities, to the current home design climate of smaller houses, in-fill lots, durable and low-maintenance materials, and the recent penchant for porches. AIA’s chief economist, Kermit Baker observes, “I always interpret it as of one of the obvious manifestations of the New Urbanism movement, where there was more outward emphasis on homes integrated into a larger community, homes where people would interact more with their neighbors, going back to small-town living…Rather than isolation and security and safety, where everyone had their own privacy, their own big yard with big fences around it, where they were trying not to interact with others.”

So we’ve gone from the ultra-private McMansion to more community-affirmative housing, from generic “custom” homes designed for resale to truly custom homes designed for a more stationary breed of homeowner, and from sprawling excess to embracing smaller spaces and energy efficiency. Now what?

According to the article, the next design wave will be focused on meeting the needs of aging Baby Boomers. Universal design, or design that is created to meet the needs of users with differing abilities, is already becoming a huge force in the home design world, with more and more architects attempting to create homes that can age with the occupants, rather than requiring massive retro-fitting or a move to a more handicap accessible environment.Baker foresees elevators, first-floor master suites, non-slip flooring and other safety materials, as well as handles and faucets that are easier to use.

Where do you see residential design going in the next 10 years? Do you think we’ll look back on the design trends of the 00’s like we do now on the trends of the 1990’s?

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Luxury Design in 2012

It seems like 2011 just flew by, but 2012 is well on its way and the design world is already looking forward to the newest trends for next year. According to LuxuryRealEstate.com, the upcoming year’s trends range from Zen minimalism to Americana. However, one of the trends we’re most excited about is “Old is New.” The article states, “certain romantic, nineteenth-century styles are making their way back into our modern design lexicon. From heavy leather arm chairs and sheepskin rugs to tweeds and flannels, a certain “professorial” look is making a comeback in modern master bedrooms and sitting rooms.”

Some of those menswear-inspired textiles sure would look great in a beautiful study or library, like this one from our portfolio, which showcases detailed wood paneling and recessed shelving. Here’s another great example of an elegant wood paneled study, also from our portfolio. In addition to the paneling and arched doorway, note the unique arched details in the windows.

If you’re looking for a custom millwork company that can create timeless and elegant woodwork for your next luxury design project in the Boston area, contact South Shore Millwork today!


An Entertaining Kitchen for the Holidays

A well-designed kitchen is boon throughout the year, but the virtues and shortcomings of a kitchen truly stand out during the holidays. This is the time of year when we do the most entertaining, from low-key family gatherings and casual cookie swaps to glamorous cocktail parties and elegant seated dinners. For home designers who want to provide their clients with well-planned, usable, and flexible spaces, thinking about how the kitchen will function for entertaining purposes is a must.

Fortunately, with impeccably-crafted custom cabinetry from South Shore Millwork, you can accommodate all of the convenient features your clients demand, while still creating a beautiful space. Whether you need cabinets to attractively house double ovens, a warming drawer, and an oversize refrigerator, or an expansive island that provides plenty of prep space, storage, and seating, we can help you bring your design to life.

1st image- South Shore Millwork; 2nd image- Houzz

Architectural Millwork Goes to the Dogs

Here at South Shore Millwork, we make custom, architectural millwork for a variety of applications, from residential to commercial to historic preservation. We have worked on many unique projects, and we always love seeing creative new applications for millwork. With that said, you can understand our appreciation for this clever feature incorporated into a cozy, family-friendly kitchen- a built-in dog bed!

The dog bed is one of those items where there’s usually just no good place for it, especially if you have a fairly large dog. This solution gets the dog bed out of the floor and creates a suitably elegant environment for the family pooch. It’s a great use of space, and your furry friends will feel like kings in their comfy little nook.

Do you love injecting clever, personal, custom touches into your clients’ homes? If so, we’d love to work with you! Contact us today to find out how we can help interior designers, luxury builders, and architects add character to their New England design projects.

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Check Out Our Moulding Catalogue

Are you looking for a custom millwork shop in the Boston area to create high quality architectural mouldings for your next design project? If so, check out the South Shore Millwork moulding catalogue! Moulding is a great way to add elegance and refinement to a space, and we craft a number of styles of moulding that work well in both traditional and contemporary interiors. Our moulding selections include:


  • Casings
  • Baseboards
  • Crown mouldings
  • Chair rail & panel mouldings
  • Raised panels
  • Backband
  • Cope & stick
  • Cap moulding
  • Flute & bead
  • Applied moulding
  • Handrail
  • Plinth
  • Tongue & groove
  • Cove
  • Window sills and edges
  • Rosettes
  • And more. Just contact us to discuss your ideas!

We’ve been creating custom architectural millwork for interior designers, luxury home builders, and architects in the Boston area and all over New England for over 20 years, so call South Shore Millwork today for help on your next project!

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Massachusetts Named Most Energy Efficient State

According to a recent post on EcoHome, Massachusetts has achieved the top spot in a national ranking of the most energy efficient states. California held that title for the last five years, but this year Massachusetts cored higher on the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) Scorecard.

The ACEEE Scorecard scores states based on a variety of factors, including transportation, building energy codes, appliance efficiency, energy efficiency of utility and public benefit funds, and more. Massachusetts’ winning score was 45.5 out of 50, while California was close behind with 44. In spite of a lagging economy and painful budget cuts, many states are still making energy efficiency a priority. That’s great news, and it will be exciting to see how states continue to raise the bar when it comes to sustainability and energy efficiency.

Here at South Shore Millwork, we always strive to do our part when it comes to environmental responsibility. We have a number of programs in place at our custom millwork shop to reduce waste, from recycling wood chips, paper, and plastic, to donating sawdust for creating wood pellets that people can then use to heat their homes. To find out more about how we go green at our Boston-area woodworking shop, take a look at our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle page.

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