Skillful Installation of Fine Millwork

Rest assured, as a New England architect, designer or contractor, South Shore Millwork will deliver unparalleled service of the utmost quality. The company is known among the Boston design community for its commitment to craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.

The process begins with the creation of detailed engineering and drafting plans by a team that is highly regarded on the New England design scene. No wood is touched until the plans are approved by all involved.

Once everyone has signed off on them, the plans are sent to South Shore Millwork’s shop, where skilled craftsmen turn raw material into one-of-a-kind woodworking masterpieces including custom moldings, doors, windows, cabinetry, and curved and rounded pieces. Each piece is built using the latest in computer-aided manufacturing, as well as by hand when needed, and doesn’t leave the shop until perfected.

When the  woodwork pieces are ready, an installation team from our custom millwork shop will arrive at your work site to complete the project with the same high standards and attention to detail as our in-house crew.

Overseeing all of this is a South Shore Millwork project manager who will work closely with the architect, designer or contractor to ensure the entire experience is extraordinary. Contact us today for help with your next Boston design project.


What is Resawn Lumber?

Re-sawn lumber, essentially a thick piece of lumber that is sawn into thinner pieces, saves money and resources in the building process. Due to its thin-cut nature, it can be easily bent or glued and also can be used for flooring, boat building, and door skins, among other uses. It is also more stable than veneer, looks healthier, and has less sand-through errors.

South Shore Millwork offers re-sawn lumber in various widths and thicknesses, in any type of wood, using your material or ours. We provide you with the lumber, stave cores, and stave core stiles and rails.

We are committed to providing the highest quality service and support available in Boston millwork. We work closely with architects through each phase of construction to ensure integrity of design, with contractors to provide woodwork at the highest industry standards, and with interior designers to make the design concept a reality. At each stage, we are there to make sure the project is seen through from beginning to end.

For ordering, sales and other information please contact South Shore Millwork at (508) 226-5500 or

Fire-Rated Doors

When it comes to your fire rate doors and frames, why sacrifice style for safety? At South Shore Millwork, you can have both with high quality doors in hundreds of styles.

Keep it Consistent

South Shore Millwork provides 20- through 90-minute fire doors that can even be designed to match existing, non-rated doors, giving you the clean, consistent look with the same details of standard doors. You won’t even be able to tell tell it’s a fire door.

How is it possible? We specially test and engineer our fire doors to maintain a standard 1-3/4” thickness up to a 90-minute fire rating.

Unlimited Possibilities

With our New England millwork shop’s custom capabilities, you’ll find the choices for your design project are almost unlimited! Got something in mind? All you have to do is send your desired design and fire rating, and we’ll do the rest.

Best Quality Since 1991

We have been providing New England architects, designers,  and builders with quality, customized fire doors since 1991, including custom wood doors and custom glass doors. For more information on what we can do for you, contact us today!

Green Building and Construction News By The Numbers

Building Design + Construction has an interesting article up for those in the green design and building industry. “By the Numbers” reveals some interesting facts and trends about green design, from incandescent light bulb hoarding habits to epic energy savings.

According to a survey by Sylvania Socket, only 31% of Americans are aware that the 100-watt incandescent light bulb is no longer being produced (as of January 2012), but 13% of the survey respondents do “plan to hoard 100-watt bulbs.”

8,250 tons of greenhouse gases are estimated to be eliminated over the next 50 years upon completion of the first zero-carbon building in Hong Kong, with 70% of the building’s electricity coming from biodiesel.

A report by Pike Research indicates that the energy-efficiency market will experience a huge increase of over 50% by 2017, reaching $103.5 billion.

As a custom millwork shop that strives for environmental sustainability, we are excited to see where the green design industry is heading in the future! If you are a New England design professional looking for a shop to create high-end architectural woodwork for your projects, contact South Shore Millwork today.

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Custom Millwork for Your Design Project

There are many millwork companies in New England, but professional architects, interior designers and general contractors need to select the right kind of millwork services for the best results. If you are a professional seeking high-end millwork in the New England area, contact South Shore Millwork.
There are two important components to millwork during construction – design integrity and compliance. South Shore Millwork works closely with architects and general contractors to ensure that the exact specifications of local codes, regulations, overall quality and compliance are met.
Historic and Modern Details
New England homes and buildings have a significant history. Many newer homes seek a more custom, modern design. South Shore Millwork can provide the right kind of millwork applications for any type of job.
Interior Design
Interior design is all about vision but interior designers need a company that can turn that dream into reality. South Shore Millwork can help you do so.

For more information about our custom millwork company or to submit a bid request, contact us at 508-226-5500.

Curved Custom Millwork

The curve- it is an invaluable design element, adding grace, dynamism, and sophistication to everything from furniture to musical instruments to architecture to custom cabinetry.

At South Shore Millwork, we can bring your design to life with a variety of millwork services. Whether your piece requires plotting for computer aided fabrication, resawing for vacuum pressing, or hand carving at the bench, our talented craftsmen will execute the project with skill and precision. Take a look at some examples of our curved and radius millwork, below.

This closet island features unique rounded corner drawers.

An arched doorway and rounded banister add character to an otherwise unremarkable hallway.

The oval inset in this window transom adds unique design character while maintaining the traditional design scheme.

This graceful banister brings a wonderful linear element to the space, tracing the direction of the stairs with smooth curves.

For high-end millwork to complete your next New England architecture or design project, contact South Shore Millwork, located just outside of Boston in Norton, Massachusetts.



Retrofitting vs. Building New: Which Is Greener?

Green building has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade, and these new environmentally conscious buildings are seen as the answer to sustainable development. It may seem tempting to replace all of our old, inefficient buildings with shiny new LEED certified ones, but there’s more to the story. According to a new report by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, retrofitting an existing building almost always yields a more environmentally-friendly result than replacing it with a new, “green” building.

The study compared the environmental effects of renovating an old building with a goal of 30% more energy efficiency, and building a new “green” structure from scratch. Replacing an old, inefficient building, requires a demolition, disposing of  the rubble, clearing and preparing the site, manufacturing the new building materials, and constructing the new building. After all that, “it takes between 10 and 80 years for the benefits of a new energy-efficient building to compensate for the carbon emissions incurred during its construction,” according to Eco Home.

Remodeling an old building for increased energy efficiency, not to mention contemporary uses and occupants, provides an exciting opportunity for creativity. At South Shore Millwork, we love working with Boston’s best architects and designers to renovate existing buildings all over New England. Contact us today to find out more about our custom millwork services.

sources: Eco Home Magazine and Building Design + Construction

image by digitalart

New Luxury Lifestyle Magazine Coming Soon to Newstands

For those who just can’t get enough luxury design, there’s a new magazine to ogle.

According to The Editor At Large, Bloomberg Pursuits will be hitting newstands next month, in addition to being distributed internationally to 375,000 financial professionals currently using Bloomberg Terminal. The target reader is “38 years old and male, with an average income of $425k. They are defined as market movers, business leaders, and influencers with discerning tastes.” The magazine’s media kit goes on to describe the audience, saying “Constantly seeking more, they pursue the arts, fashion, real estate, travel, and unique experiences with fervor, curiosity, and an endless sense of style and individuality.”

The publication will cover a variety of  ultra high-end interests, from international fashion and exotic cars to luxury real estate/design and boutique travel. As a high-end millwork shop, we are looking forward to seeing the latest luxury interior design.

Will you be picking up a copy of Bloomberg Pursuits next month?

image via The Editor At Large