Inspiring Design: Chartreuse Millwork

We love the beauty of luxurious, natural wood millwork, and white-painted millwork is also classic. But for a quirky, contemporary look, why not go out on a limb with a bold color? We came across these examples of chartreuse interiors and just had to share.

Somewhere between lime green and lemon yellow, chartreuse adds a poppy, citrus-y kick to any space. Take a look at some great ways to use chartreuse and fine millwork together.

The traditional built-in cabinetry in this historic home has been given a jolt of color, which contrasts nicely with the warm wood plank flooring.

A chartreuse door makes a statement in this otherwise understated foyer.

OK, so this is not an example of painted millwork, but look at how fabulous this chartreuse wall looks juxtaposed with a sleek floating sideboard in a rich, medium dark wood. Floating cabinets are a great choice for contemporary interior design, adding storage while still keeping an open feel to the space.

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Custom Windows for Unique or Historic Buildings

Windows are one of the architectural elements that best communicates a building’s style. In order to choose the correct windows, you must take into account the architectural style of the building, the scale, and many other concerns. Whether you are designing a unique new building or renovating a historic building, sometimes standard windows just won’t work. Fortunately, South Shore Millwork can help you complete your next design project with custom windows.

Our Boston millwork company can create arch topped windows, curved sashes, and many other window elements for both residential and commercial buildings. We would be happy to match existing windows, even for older buildings with elaborate detailing.

Custom windows can also be a great design component in contemporary spaces, so if you are an architect looking for a Boston window company, give us a call. We would love to help you bring your unique vision to life with custom millwork.

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photos via South Shore Millwork

Kitchen Design Trend: Masculine Cabinetry

One of the biggest changes we’re seeing lately in custom kitchen cabinetry is a move towards more substantial, masculine design. As this article from the Boston Globe explains, a “squarer, thicker, chunkier, and more architectural” look is becoming increasingly popular for luxury kitchens.

To balance this more substantial cabinetry style, designers are adding feminine finishes and accent materials, from painted cabinets to marble counters to shimmery backsplashes. Take a look at a few beautiful kitchens that illustrate this design style.


via Houzz

White paint, a coffered ceiling, and glossy white subway tile balance out the blocky profile of the cabinetry in this classic contemporary kitchen.

via Architectural Digest

We love the mix of finishes in this warm, masculine chef’s kitchen.

via Houzz

This contemporary kitchen is a great example of masculine cabinetry and bold, substantial woodwork combined with a shimmery, delicate backsplash of horizontal tiles.

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