An Appreciation for Wood

raw wood, custom woodwork, millwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New EnglandHere at South Shore Millwork, we work with many different materials.  But wood is the material that allows us to be the most creative.  We appreciate what each unique piece of wood has to offer when applied to each unique set of circumstances.  Our craftsmen take raw wood and skillfully turn, cut, press, glue, fabricate, and finish it to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Teresa Bell mentions in the Architectural Woodwork Institute Standards 1st Edition “There is a special appreciation for the unique qualities of wood among those of our craft.  One cannot fashion a piece of wood into fine cabinetry, furniture, or paneling without developing an admiration for the unique pattern of the grain, rich color revealed through the finishing process, and the singular expression each piece of wood lends to the project.”

Furthermore, wood is a versatile material to work with.  It comes in many species, sizes, and shapes and is used in a seemingly infinite number of ways.  Michael Weismann, a research botanist further explains the virtuous characters of wood “Wood has a high ratio of strength to weight and a remarkable record for durability and perfor­mance as a structural material.  Dry wood has good insulating properties against heat, sound, and electricity.  It tends to absorb and dissipate vibrations under some conditions of use, and yet it is an incomparable material for musical instruments.  The grain patterns and colors of wood make it an aesthetically pleasing material, and its appearance may be easily enhanced by stains, varnishes, lacquers, and other finishes.  It is easily shaped with tools and fastened with ad­hesives, nails, screws, bolts, and dowels.  Damaged wood is easily repaired, and wood structures are easily remodeled or altered. In addition, wood resists oxidation, acid, saltwater, and other corrosive agents, has high salvage value, has good shock resistance, can be treated with preservatives and fire retardants, and can be combined with almost any other ma­terial for both functional and aesthetic uses.”

Matthew Kennedy, senior editor for Fine Woodworking magazine adds  “…and I’ve come to realize that what I find appealing is that woodworking allows me to be creative, and that wood is a wonderful medium for artistic expression.” We couldn’t agree more!

So whether you are looking for fine custom cabinetry, custom mouldings; curved, rounded or straight, custom doors with arched tops or radius windows, we can create custom wood pieces to meet any specification.  South Shore Millwork guarantees you that you will appreciate our appreciation for wood!

Proud Sponsor of the New England Home Hall of Fame Awards 2012

New England Home Magazine Hall of Fame 2012

South Shore Millwork’s Jerry Whalen, Joe Ebraico, Doug Edwards, Donald Travers, John Dyson, Chris Levesque, and Anthony McKnight

South Shore Millwork sponsored the New England Home Sixth Annual Hall of Fame Awards and Gala event.  Each year industry leaders who have made a significant impact on residential design in New England are honored.  This year’s event was held in the brand new space at the State Room in Boston on Thursday, November 8th.

2012 Hall of Fame inductees were:

Bruce Beinfield, Beinfield Architecture, P.C.

James Doyle and Kathryn Herman, Doyle Herman Design Associates

Nannette Lewis, Nannette Lewis Interiors

Lyman S. A. Perry, Lyman Perry/Hutker Architects

Heather G. Wells, Wells & Fox Architectural Interiors, LTD

Morgan Dix Wheelock, Morgan Wheelock, Inc. Landscape Architect

Congratulations to all!  The evening was a huge success.  Everyone enjoyed the cocktail reception courtesy of South Shore Millwork while admiring the views of the Boston skyline.  A special thanks to New England Home for being such gracious hosts.  Not to mention, a portion of the proceeds from this event go to the New England Design Hall of Fame Scholarship Fund.


New England Home Magazine Hall of Fame Elevator troubles

Elevator troubles! Gary Ludden and Susan MacLeod of South Shore Millwork wait patiently with friends on the 18th floor for elevators to operate again while the cocktail reception is in full swing on the 33rd floor.


New England Home Hall of Fame cocktail reception

Cocktail reception in full swing.


New England Home Magazine Hall of Fame dinner

South Shore Millwork’s Gary Ludden and Joe Ebraico enjoying dinner with the fabulous background of the Boston skyline.





White Custom Kitchen Cabinets are Anything but Boring!

South Shore Millwork completed these not so boring white custom kitchen cabinets with stylish elements to add excitement.  Details such as gorgeous granite countertops, open ceilings, beamed ceilings, glass cabinetry doors, and stylish lighting make these kitchens anything but boring. 

Keeping up with trends is easy because elements can be changed to keep the kitchen looking updated.  Tabatha Sukhai from This Old House online explains white kitchen cabinetry “makes for unlimited design possibilities, serving as a ready canvas for affordable tweaks like candy-colored cabinet pulls, and easy-install backsplashes.” 

“The use of white not only makes a kitchen look bigger and airier, it also provides a clean canvas for showcasing other elements to create an inviting, enchanting, and functional kitchen” adds Leah Konen of Elle Decor “Wood finishes look richer against white; printed fabrics pop even more; and lighting fixtures such as chandeliers and pendants stand out as sculptural elements against the neutral backdrop.”

If you’re looking for a provider for your next renovation or new construction high-end custom kitchen cabinet project, contact South Shore Millwork today.  Our full service Boston, Massachusetts area based luxury millwork company can create cabinets and other custom woodworking elements to fit any design style.  Services include design, engineering, project management, fabrication, finish, delivery, and installation provided throughout New England.