Our Custom Doors are Open to Possibilities…

custom door entryand the possibilities are endless!  No matter what kind of custom door you are looking for, South Shore Millwork has the skill and products to meet your demands.  We custom make a wide variety of doors from entry doors to interior doors to fire doors.  Classic or modern, we can create the exact door you need.  Like everything we produce, your door will be unique.  We hand make every door, never using conveyor belts or production lines.  Yet we utilize the most up-to-date CNC machining equipment for sizing and mortising your door hardware.

Interior Doorscustom door interior mahogany pocket door
Interior doors include sliding doors, pocket doors, folding doors, blind doors, French doors, Dutch doors, flush doors, panel doors, and louver doors.  Interior doors can make or break the interior design of a home or commercial space, however the importance of their design is often overlooked.  Vanessa Brunner of Houzz explains “a beautiful door is one of those subtle necessities that can make a big difference in … style.  Like trim or moulding, most doors go fairly unnoticed, but they can have a dramatic effect on the look of the room.”  And you can turn to South Shore Millwork for help.  We work closely with clients to ensure our work reflects the lifestyle and personality of each project.

Exterior Entrance Doorscustom door oak entry
When designing a home or business, the entrance is always a very important element of the overall design.  We can create a front door that will set your project apart from the rest, creating instant visual impact and serving as a fitting introduction to the rest of the space.  Whether you require a historic reproduction or a sleek modern look, commercial or residential, we can help you create it.

Fire Rated Doors
Fire doors offer homes and commercial properties protection against the spread of fire and smoke.  If you’ve always thought that the requirement for fire rated doors meant compromising the design aspect of the job, think again.  Here at South Shore Millwork we can create hundreds of different style fire rated doors.  We can match existing non-rated doors to give a clean consistent look with the same details as standard doors.  You won’t even be able to tell it’s a fire door.

And while most other fire door manufacturers only offer higher fire ratings with a thicker door, we have specially designed our fire doors to maintain standard 1 ¾” thickness for ratings up to 90-minutes.  We also offer 20-minute fire rated glass doors, yet another way to maintain safety and style in your project.

Stave Cores & Stave Core Doorsstave core
Wood stave core is made by bonding together small pieces of wood to form a core blank.  Once bonded, it is sanded to a uniform thickness.  We offer stave cores for 1 7/8” to 2 3/8” thick doors and up to 120” long.

Finger-jointed hard, soft, or rot resistant stave cores provide stability for all types of wood doors. In addition “stave core doors offer greater stiffness and resistance to breakage” notes Algoma Hardwoods.  They go on to say that “this is especially true at hardware cutouts and glass openings… and should be specified for use on projects or areas where doors may be subject to heavy usage or abuse.”

Whatever type of custom door you are looking for, leave it to the experts at South Shore Millwork to create it.  We have built a reputation for uncompromising quality and unparalleled service; providing custom woodworking, mouldings, windows, and doors throughout the Boston area, New England, and beyond.

Shhhh! There’s a Secret in this Custom Fireplace Surround!


This gallery contains 4 photos.

South Shore Millwork created this elegant 25 foot tall custom fireplace surround in mahogany with hand carved features and panels that have over 50 different profiles.  But did you know this fireplace surround holds an exciting secret?  Check out the video … Continue reading

Defining Architectural Millwork – what is it?

architectural millwork, woodwork, custom library, shelving, corbel, trim, Boston, MA, New EnglandThe terms “architectural woodwork” and “architectural millwork” are frequently interchanged.  The term “architectural woodwork” implies a product is made out of wood.  The term “architectural millwork” can incorporate the use of non-wood materials such as plastic laminates specified for many commercial projects.  Regardless, the terms “architectural millwork” and “architectural woodwork” are used interchangeably.

So what is it?

A simple question with a not-so-easy answer.  Plus it depends on who you ask.  The New England School of Architectural Woodworking has one of the best definitions we could find.  The school defines architectural woodwork as:

“…all the wood exposed to view when the building is completed.  This includes residential and commercial cabinetry (kitchens, baths, storage, offices, closets), doors, windows, stairs, paneling, trim, and shelving.  Almost everything made of wood, built into or attached to the interior of a building.”

But is this definition entirely inclusive?  Almost but not quite.

custom kitchen island, pine, Boston, Massachusetts, New England, architectural millwork, custom woodworkArchitectural millwork does not have to necessarily be built-in to a structure. It can be a free-standing piece such as this rolling kitchen island (pictured right) that South Shore Millwork built for a home on the South Shore.  Not to mention architectural millwork can be either stock (“off-the-shelf”), semi-custom, or custom such as what South Shore Millwork provides.

There is also exterior architectural millwork which is not part of the interior of a building.  It can include exterior trim and balusters as shown below that South Shore Millwork provided for a home in the Boston area.  Exterior millwork can add visual interest to the outside of a structure.custom exterior trim, columns, balusters, architectural millwork, Boston, MA, New England

Since architectural millwork is usually built-in to the structure, knowledge of other trades is critical.  For example when we engineer a kitchen, it is essential for us to know plumbing and lighting locations and specifications before drawings are produced for approval, fabrication, and installation.  Frequently we need further information regarding framing, flooring, stone, tile, and audio visual equipment before the product can be fabricated.

Custom dressing room, architectural millwork, woodwork, Boston, MA, New EnglandCustom architectural millworkers such as South Shore Millwork, get involved in specialty items that will become a part of the product we are producing such as the fabric panels for this custom dressing room we made (pictured right.)  Other specialty items can include things such as glass, metals, and hardware.  Consequently, attention to detail is imperative in order for the project to meet expectations for these one-of-a-kind items.

If you are looking for the best in custom architectural millwork, look no further.  South Shore Millwork is the symbol of quality and fine craftsmanship in the woodworking industry.  We have an unparalleled reputation in the residential and commercial markets.  Our team of highly skilled craftsmen work closely with clients to ensure our work reflects the lifestyle and personality of each project.

Custom Kitchen Design: Appliance Drawers & Panels

custom cabinets, custom woodwork, custom milwork, appliance drawer, appliance panel, Boston, MA, New EnglandAppliance drawers have rapidly become a must for anyone with a new custom kitchen or kitchen remodeling project in the works. Virtually any appliance can be found in drawer form; dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, wine coolers, freezers, ice-makers, and warming drawers.

South Shore Millwork fabricated the cabinetry and appliance panels for the appliance drawers pictured here. The homeowners wanted extra refrigerator storage space that would not fit into their kitchen design. As a result, a pantry space was created between the kitchen and the mudroom for the appliance drawers.

Drawers maximize space by freeing up counter areas to provide a clean, uncluttered look. Furthermore, they provide easy access and full view of the drawer’s contents. Add safety as an additional perk, Houzz contributor, Rachel Grace, points out “Microwave drawers are conveniently located at hip level, allowing for much safer handling. Marketed towards families on the go, they’re installed at an accessible height for children and equipped with safety locks for homes with toddlers.”

Appliance drawers aren’t just for kitchens either, when a custom appliance panel is applied, the result is a seamless, integrated look. Consequently the drawer can be placed almost anywhere such as a media room or library without sacrificing style.

If you’d like assistance incorporating appliance drawers and panels in your next remodeling project or new home, South Shore Millwork can help. Our Boston, Massachusetts area based luxury millwork company can create custom cabinets and other custom woodworking elements to fit any design style. Services include design, engineering, project management, fabrication, finish, delivery, and installation provided throughout New England and beyond.

custom kitchen, farmhouse style, custom millwork, custom woodwork, Boston, MA, New Englandcustom kitchen island, pine, Boston, Massachusetts, New England, custom millwork, custom woodwork Featured in Boston Magazine‘s Fall 2012 Kitchen issue

Architect: Lyman Perry Architects

Builder: M.F. Reynolds

Photography by Bob O’Connor