What’s new in luxury home wine cellars?

“It’s an exciting trend seeing wine cellars moving up from the basement level, being incorporated in many luxury home’s living spaces.” Jeff Burton, President, South Shore Millwork

In the not too distant past, the wine cellar primarily resided in the homeowner’s basement. This was to protect one’s investment by providing proper temperature control and safety. Today, wine cellars, or wine rooms, are being located within the home’s main living space, where consumers and collectors are enjoying their accessibility and eye-catching beauty.

Talented, high-end architectural millworkers will blend the look of the wine room with the rest of the home’s décor, including features such as curved and radius woodwork, coffered ceilings, hand-carved tasting tables, and stunning lattice work. These rooms are elegant works of art that become the focal point of your client’s living space.

What is the best wood species to use in your client’s high-end wine room? Mahogany.  Mahogany is the most durable; it will not warp or swell and this is especially important if you are using a climate-controlled system. Mahogany is also a great choice because it can be stained and lacquered to match the rest of your client’s home décor.  But, one important thing to keep in mind, chemicals in stain and paint can travel through corks and spoil the flavor of wine, so be sure to use a water-based stain!

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Curved & Radius Architectural Woodwork

Of the many types of custom architectural woodworking we do here at South Shore Millwork, some of our most extraordinary projects involve curved and radius work.

curved cabinetry, architectural woodwork, millwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New EnglandEntrance doors, cabinetry, and architectural features with rounded elements can be a beautiful addition to any design or renovation project, and we have the high quality craftsmanship to bring your vision to life.

Imagine a bar or countertop so luxurious in rich mahogany, its curves as smooth and flowing as silk, easily becoming the focal point of any high-end lounge, residential Chef’s kitchen or master suite.

historical oak curved entry door, architectural woodwork, millwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New EnglandPicture a majestic historical building with dramatically curved doors and windows, crafted from the finest old English oak, every detail perfectly matching to its original architectural design.

Or, the interior of a place of worship, luxury hotel or residence where radius raised panel millwork perfectly accentuates a domed ceiling, and passageways are framed with curved soffits enriching the look of every room.

We can plot your curved or radius piece for computer-aided manufacturing, have it re-sawn for vacuum pressing, or hand-carved at the bench for that custom-made distinction.

We partner with general contractors, construction managers, architects, and interior designers to consistently produce and deliver the finest architectural woodwork.

Let us create the extraordinary for you; contact us today!

radius beamed ceiling, architectural woodwork, millwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New Englandcurved vanity, architectural woodwork, millwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New England radius paneled wall architectural woodwok1