We Do Windows!

round custom wood window with true divided lights, millwork, woodwork, Boston, MA, New EnglandArch-top, radius, historic reproduction, we can produce virtually any style custom wood window in any configuration.  Unlike stock manufactured windows, every window we do is unique to each project.

custom wood windowHere at South Shore Millwork we create high quality custom windows for both residential and commercial spaces.  We take pride in our impeccable craftsmanship, and assure our ability to meet any need by utilizing both traditional, time honored methods and the latest modern woodworking technology.  Through working with some of the region’s best architects and builders, we have had the pleasure of creating some of the most distinctive custom windows for buildings throughout the Boston area and New England.

half round custom wood windowAside from the endless options, there are other major benefits.  For one thing custom wood windows offer superior aesthetics that stock windows just cannot provide.  Custom allows you the flexibility to match the exterior and interior of your home’s design.  Another benefit is improved energy efficiency.  Since the custom window is designed to fit exactly into the window opening there is less opportunity for leakages around the window frame.

custom wood windowWhether you are matching one-of-a-kind historic curved sashes or using a custom shape, South Shore Millwork has the ability to create what you need.  From simple patterns, to unique requirements, including specialty glazing, muntins, and hardware, we can meet the most rigorous specifications.  Plus we realize the details are important to the integrity of each window we produce.  Our excellent engineering and drafting services, combined with smart project management, ensure the end result will be a stunning success every time.

elliptical custom wood windowWhatever type of window you are looking for; leave it to the experts at South Shore Millwork to create it.  We have built a reputation for uncompromising quality with unparalleled service; providing custom woodworking, cabinetry, mouldings, windows, and doors.

radius custom wood windowradius custom wood window