What’s been happening at our architectural millwork shop?

Solar Project recap at South Shore Millwork

What we have learned: There are many moving pieces and details to manage when adding solar to your architectural millwork shop!

This past week was an exciting one at South Shore Millwork with the:

  • Field excavation being completed.
  • New addition well under construction.
  • Electrical components ordered.
  • Installers selected.
  • Permits submitted.
  • Solar panels mounted.

The mounting of the solar panels was interesting to watch. The panels are mounted to a racking system which is secured to the ground by means of a specialized 6 foot screw; this patented screw is manufactured by Terrasmart. The screws are driven into the ground and the racks are bolted to the top of the screw. It’s a pretty amazing thing so see – a 6 foot screw!

During the past couple of weeks, we have: 

  • Ordered from Terrasmart more than 300 screws.
  • Received from Borrego Solar’s team of engineers a 75% drawing approval set for electrical and structural considerations.
  • Sent out the drawing approval set for bid to the electrical contractors.
  • Ordered SMA Inverters and Canadian Solar Panels.
  • Performed a site walk through with the electrical contractors.
  • Completed the layout of the electrical room switch gear, inverters, and disconnect switches.
  • Began the permitting paperwork process.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come.

If you’d like to discuss an upcoming custom architectural millwork project, please contact Wayne Barthe at 781-738-3012 or email him at wbarthe@southshoremillwork.com.

Also, be sure to check out some of our custom architectural millwork projects and see for yourself why we are known as the New England luxury builder of fine millwork and casework.

A brighter future at South Shore Millwork!

Expanding our efforts in Living Green

Our third expansion project, as previously mentioned in our other two blog posts this week, is our solar project! At South Shore Millwork, we are really excited to be gaining greater energy independence through the world’s cleanest energy – Solar!

We have selected Borrego Solar to manage the installation of a solar array on top of our new 47,000 square foot millwork shop, and a solar array field on the grounds in the rear.

The solar arrays will produce 880kW of electricity annually for the next 30 plus years. There will be 2,242 of ground mounted panels and 646 roof mounted panels that will produce enough electrical energy to power our 80,000 square feet state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, office equipment and lighting.

Other ways we are Living Green

1. Our wood dust is collected by our state-of-the-art dust collection system into trailers that are hauled away each month by a New England-based wood pellet manufacturer. The wood dust is then re-purposed in the highest quality residential and commercial wood pellet grade fuel. The pellets, made from sustainably produced biomass, play a major role in reducing demand for fossil fuels. This renewable resource plays a significant contribution to meeting regional energy demands.

2. Our solid and scrap wood waste is collected in roll-off containers and hauled to a regional wood waste recycler. The solid and scrap wood is then ground into organic wood-based products such as landscaping mulch, soil blends and safety playground surfacing products.

3. We also recycle our finish stain and cleaning solvents in house. We employ a technology allowing us to minimize the waste created by our finish stains and cleaning solvents by 90%. Prior to purchasing this technology, our used stains and solvents were liquid waste that had to be responsibly disposed of through a third-party vendor. Now this liquid waste is recycled, and the liquids such as stains and paint thinners are cleaned, distilled, reclaimed, and used over and over with virtually no loss of effectiveness. The investment in this technology has created a cost savings to the company while minimizing disposable waste to near nothing.

We will continue to provide regular updates on the solar project, so please check back often.

If you would like to discuss a residential millwork or commercial millwork project, give Wayne a call at 781.738.3012 or  email him at wbarthe@southshoremillwork.com.


South Shore Millwork Building Expansion


This gallery contains 5 photos.

Sunday we blogged about our first of three expansions, the addition of Wayne Barthe. Today, we’re going to update you on our second expansion – our architectural millwork shop project. We are excited to report that about a month ago, … Continue reading

South Shore Millwork is expanding!

We have been quiet on the blogging front the past couple of months, but in the shop at South Shore Millwork, it’s been everything but!

First, we expanded our executive team. We hired a new vice president of business development and consulting.

Second, we are expanding our architectural millwork shop. We got approval to add 47,000 square feet.

Third, we are expanding our ways of protecting and helping the environment. We are adding a solar array on top of the new building, and a solar array field on the grounds behind it.

Expansion #1: Meet New Hire Wayne Barthe

We recently welcomed Wayne Barthe to the executive management team at South Shore Millwork. He is our new vice president of business development and consulting. And, let me tell you, Wayne wasted no time hitting the ground sprinting! But, before we get into what he’s been up to around here the last couple of months, let’s give you a little background on Wayne.

Wayne’s credentials

Having spent the last 20 plus years in various executive positions employed by firms like Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, LexisNexis, Wilmerhale and Fidelity Investments, Wayne brings solid, practical business and strong client relationship experience to his role at South Shore Millwork.

To complement his business experience, Wayne holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northeastern University, and project management certification from Boston University.

Why was Wayne selected for this position?

According to Owner Jeff Burton, he was looking for a business development leader who would not only further expand South Shore Millwork’s market presence in New England and take us into Connecticut and New York, but he was also looking for someone with excellent business acumen, a solid reputation, and an ability to figure out and understand the needs of sophisticated customers.

Wayne’s areas of expertise

  • Uncovering and developing new business opportunities
  • Building and maintaining successful, long-term professional relationships
  • Helping clients overcome challenges by presenting them with applicable options and solutions
  • Negotiating and managing large-scale, complex projects

Why Wayne chose South Shore Millwork

When asked what drew him to South Shore Millwork, Wayne says, “I was drawn to South Shore Millwork for its recognition as an industry leader. I am excited to be part of a growing company that makes decisions quickly and responds to customer requests at a moment’s notice.”

Wayne outside of work

Wayne lives in Norton with his wife Kathleen and their three children, and is actively involved in several charitable organizations including:

  • American Lung Association – Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • My Brother’s Keeper
  • City of Hope

What has Wayne been up to the last couple of months?

During the past few months, Wayne has entrenched himself in learning who South Shore Millwork’s current and previous clients are, and making every effort to introduce himself to as many as possible. In addition to client introductions and responding to new requests, Wayne has been working on updating marketing collateral and avenues to promote South Shore Millwork. We are expanding our target markets to include, Connecticut, New York and the Islands. And, Wayne has been involved with managing the company’s Solar Project initiative.

If you would like to discuss a project, give Wayne a call at 781.738.3012 or contact him via email at wbarthe@southshoremillwork.com.

In the coming days, we will be updating you on the other two expansions: the mill shop and solar projects, so please, stay tuned!


You Said What?! (about our high quality custom woodworking)

south shore millwork high quality woodworkingWe would like to share (ever so humbly) some recent unsolicited feedback we have received about our high quality custom woodworking.  We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers for their business.  We appreciate it!

“…very impressed with the quality of all of your millwork as well as the installation.” ~General Contractor, Commercial Project, Boston, August 2012

“We appreciate South Shore Millwork’s high quality, teamwork, and can-do attitude.” ~General Contractor, Ecclesiastical Project, Metrowest, October 2012

“…very impressed with the high quality of your work.  I like the fact that you were very confident and cared about what you do.  Your shop drawings were the best I’ve seen.  Everyone I dealt with was very down to earth.”  ~Architect, Residential Project, Metrowest, October 2012

 “I wanted you to know the door package got high praise on the site from the clients, the architects and our crew.  Thanks for doing your part.” ~General Contractor, Residential Project, Boston, October 2012

 “From start to finish South Shore Millwork has been a true pleasure and partner for our recent job.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with such great craftsmen again.” ~Architect, Commercial Project, November 2012

“…all of the windows have been delivered and installed and the meeting room is ready for use…and thanks to South Shore Millwork for a quick turn around on production!!  They look and operate great!!!  What a difference!” General Contractor, Residential Project, Boston, January 2013

South Shore Millwork has built the reputation for uncompromising quality and unparalleled service; providing custom woodworking, mouldings, windows, doors, etc. throughout the Boston area and New England. Experience it for yourself!

Architectural Woodworking Insitute high quality woodworking

 We are an Architectural Woodwork Institute Quality Certified manufacturer.




Unique Custom Conference Tables – Update!

Update on January 9, 2013

The custom conference room tables are complete and installed.  Our client could not be more delighted with the outcome (and so are we!)

unique custom conference table 1

custom conference table, mahogany, brass inlay, leather inserts, lacquer finish, custom woodworking, custom millwork, Boston, MA, New England

unique custom conference table 2

custom conference table, mahogany, brass inlay, leather inserts, lacquer finish, custom woodworking, custom millwork, Boston, MA, New England

From September 13, 2012 Blog:

Today we’re giving you an exciting sneak peek into a project we’re currently working on here at our Norton, Massachusetts millwork shop.

These photos show the custom conference room tables we are creating for a client. As you can see, our team is hard at work ensuring that the unique design of the tables is executed flawlessly.

The custom conference table and side tables are mahogany, and will feature leather inserts and bronze inlay. Once building is complete, the tables will receive a catalyzed lacquer finish.

Here you can see the concept drawing by the architect. We can’t wait to share the photos with you after this one-of-a-kind project is complete!

If you looking for a custom woodworking company to bring your ideas to life, contact us today! We combine smart project management and engineering with skillful woodworking to create gorgeous, high-end custom built-ins, cabinetry, furnishings, and more.

Proud Sponsor of the New England Home Hall of Fame Awards 2012

New England Home Magazine Hall of Fame 2012

South Shore Millwork’s Jerry Whalen, Joe Ebraico, Doug Edwards, Donald Travers, John Dyson, Chris Levesque, and Anthony McKnight

South Shore Millwork sponsored the New England Home Sixth Annual Hall of Fame Awards and Gala event.  Each year industry leaders who have made a significant impact on residential design in New England are honored.  This year’s event was held in the brand new space at the State Room in Boston on Thursday, November 8th.

2012 Hall of Fame inductees were:

Bruce Beinfield, Beinfield Architecture, P.C.

James Doyle and Kathryn Herman, Doyle Herman Design Associates

Nannette Lewis, Nannette Lewis Interiors

Lyman S. A. Perry, Lyman Perry/Hutker Architects

Heather G. Wells, Wells & Fox Architectural Interiors, LTD

Morgan Dix Wheelock, Morgan Wheelock, Inc. Landscape Architect

Congratulations to all!  The evening was a huge success.  Everyone enjoyed the cocktail reception courtesy of South Shore Millwork while admiring the views of the Boston skyline.  A special thanks to New England Home for being such gracious hosts.  Not to mention, a portion of the proceeds from this event go to the New England Design Hall of Fame Scholarship Fund.


New England Home Magazine Hall of Fame Elevator troubles

Elevator troubles! Gary Ludden and Susan MacLeod of South Shore Millwork wait patiently with friends on the 18th floor for elevators to operate again while the cocktail reception is in full swing on the 33rd floor.


New England Home Hall of Fame cocktail reception

Cocktail reception in full swing.


New England Home Magazine Hall of Fame dinner

South Shore Millwork’s Gary Ludden and Joe Ebraico enjoying dinner with the fabulous background of the Boston skyline.