Custom Windows for Unique or Historic Buildings

Windows are one of the architectural elements that best communicates a building’s style. In order to choose the correct windows, you must take into account the architectural style of the building, the scale, and many other concerns. Whether you are designing a unique new building or renovating a historic building, sometimes standard windows just won’t work. Fortunately, South Shore Millwork can help you complete your next design project with custom windows.

Our Boston millwork company can create arch topped windows, curved sashes, and many other window elements for both residential and commercial buildings. We would be happy to match existing windows, even for older buildings with elaborate detailing.

Custom windows can also be a great design component in contemporary spaces, so if you are an architect looking for a Boston window company, give us a call. We would love to help you bring your unique vision to life with custom millwork.

Our expert staff is ready to create your windows for even the most rigorous specifications, including specialty glazing and historic reproductions. Visit our website today to view our portfolio of custom windows.

photos via South Shore Millwork