Stave Core

Our custom stave cores for wood doors are designed to perform, inside and out.

No other architectural woodwork takes more abuse than a door. At South Shore Millwork, we strongly encourage our customers to use stave core construction in doors with exposure to the elements, such as residential, commercial and industrial exterior doors and interior doors that will experience heavy usage.  Our stave core doors look amazing and offer greater firmness and resistance to breakage, which is important at hardware cutouts and glass openings.

Our high-quality, custom-made stave core is made by bonding together small pieces of wood to form a core blank.  Once bonded, it is sanded to a uniform thickness.  Finger-jointed hard, soft, or rot resistant wood cores provide stability for all types of wood as well as book matching capabilities.

South Shore Millwork has stave cores available for 1-7/8” to 2-3/8” thick doors and up to 120” long and are made to your custom specifications and wood species. Contact us for high performing stave cores to be used for your doors or in ours.

wood stave core for doors