Beautiful residential and commercial stile and rail fire rated doors, built to your exact specifications

With South Shore Millwork’s custom fire doors and frames, you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety.

South Shore Millwork’s stile and rail fire rated doors are not only made to meet the highest quality construction standards of up to 90-minute fire ratings, they are also custom-made to your exact design specifications. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Meeting the standards

Twenty through 90-minute residential and commercial stile and rail fire rated doors feature full panel relief and are carefully engineered to match our non fire rated doors, for a uniform look throughout your commercial or residential project.

Our residential and commercial stile and rail fire rated doors have been specially engineered and tested to maintain a standard 1-3/4″ thickness up to a 90-minute fire rating. You do not need to jump to the 2-1/4” thickness with our doors.

  • All South Shore Millwork’s stile and rail fire doors comply with the following standards: UBC7-2-1997, UL 10-C (positive pressure), NFPA 252 (1995),ASTM-252, and UL10-B (neutral pressure). Read more about how we meet the industry standards.

Architectural flexibility and consistency

  • Choose a hardwood species such as Mahogany or White Oak. Next, choose a style. Style is only limited by your imagination. Then, leave the rest up to our talented team of craftsmen to create your beautiful external and internal fire doors.
  • For a striking, consistent look throughout your entire property, let us build all your doors, including non fire-rated doors.

If you are looking for residential or commercial stile and rail fire rated doors, built to your exact specifications, let the talented professionals here at South Shore Millwork help. Our Boston,Massachusetts area millshop team can create custom design millwork elements to fit any style. Services include design, engineering, project management, fabrication, finish, delivery, and installation provided in the Boston area, throughout New England and beyond.

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Architectural Detailing in a French-Inspired New York Home

We often give examples of architectural detailing used in luxury interior design here on the blog, so of course we just had to share this fabulous home seen in Architectural Digest. The article and slideshow take us inside the home of Michael S. Smith, an interior designer who has perfectly melded contemporary sensibilities with 18th-century French design in his Madison Avenue home.

Dentil moulding, columns, and an ornate fireplace mantel create an elegant backdrop for French antiques and chinoiserie elements.

(photo: Architectural Digest)Wide moulding and door frames combined with a distinctive lintel add style to this dining room.

(photo: Architectural Digest)

If you are a New England interior designer wanting to add intricate architectural detailing to your next luxury design project, contact South Shore Millwork today. Our Boston millwork company creates custom mouldings, doors, windows, and other woodworking elements to accentuate high-end homes, businesses, and historic buildings.


Millwork for Architects

Our Norton, Massachusetts woodworking shop has been hard at work building not only doors, windows, and other architectural elements, but also our reputation, since 1991. We hire some of the best talent in the industry, and expect excellence from every single member of our company, from craftsmen to project managers to the installation team.

We have worked with many architects on projects throughout New England, so we understand what you are looking for in a custom millwork company. At South Shore Millwork, we work closely with you through every phase of construction and installation, ensuring the integrity of your design.

The millwork is a highly visible part of the total concept, so it is absolutely imperative that architectural woodwork be built to exact specifications- and that requires a company that is equipped to adapt to changes and collaborate closely with a design team.

If you need to incorporate specialty millwork into your designs, from historic reproduction to custom doors and windows, contact South Shore Millwork today.

photo via New England Home


South Shore Millwork’s Cape Cod Project

One of our favorite projects was a private residence that we worked on in Cape Cod. We hand planed the wood work to give it that “old world” hand worked charm. We did the architectural millwork on both the private library and basketball court.

Architectural Millwork by South Shore Millwork

Architectural Millwork by South Shore Millwork

At South Shore Millwork we create an environment that allows our clients vision to be realized. Our strong relationships with New England’s finest architects, interior designers and contractors help us stay on top of the latest trends hitting our industry. For more information about South Shore Millwork please visit us online at or give us a call at 888.903.5308.

Hearth and Home: Custom Mantels

Photographed by Joshua Mchugh for Elle Decor

South Shore Millwork has an inventory that consists of one thing: raw stock. We are a full service, custom woodworking facility. What your mind creates, our hands can make.

Custom mantels are an excellent design tool. Evoke a particular time period by recreating mantels from that time or selecting inspirational elements and adding a modern twist. The intricate detailing of the mantel on the left works beautifully with the finely carved shelving and spindles. When paired with the adjacent Louis XVI–style sofa and Louis XV–style chairs, the entire room maintains an old world appeal with modern accents.

The custom mantel on the bottom left is also a nod to historic beauty. The relatively simplistic design of the Colonial-style mantel is accentuated with period-appropriate moulding. Clean lines make for a timeless feature in any home.

Also using clean lines is the modern mantel featured on the bottom right. This minimalist beauty takes understated elegance to another level. Constructed of gradually recessing beams, the depth draws the eye inward to the warmth of the crackling fireplace.

Regardless of your aesthetic, South Shore Millwork can create the custom millwork to complete your interior design. Call 508-226-5500 for a consultation.

Mantel by Peter Block. Image by David Meredith.

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Mantel and Image by South Shore Millworks

South Shore Millwork Celebrates 20 Years

South Shore Millwork is celebrating 20 years of business! Thanks to our customers, supportive families and fellow, hardworking South Shore staff we can look back on excellent completed projects and look forward to an even brighter future.

Since our establishment in 1991, we have managed to grow exponentially without sacrificing the core beliefs and philosophies that form our foundation: South Shore Millwork aims to provide architectural millwork of superior quality. Our quality is shown in the display of fine craftsmanship, competitive pricing, and the timely completion of projects. These ideals serve as the gears that operate our dedication to customer satisfaction.

In our 20 years of operation, we have grown into a 40,000 square foot facility that is a comfortable, safe and efficient work environment. We have also increased our involvement in the local community. Beyond the reaches of any border, South Shore frequently reevaluates and updates our practices to be environmentally conscious and sustainable for the planet.

Thank you for 20 great years of business!

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