Beautiful residential and commercial stile and rail fire rated doors, built to your exact specifications

With South Shore Millwork’s custom fire doors and frames, you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety.

South Shore Millwork’s stile and rail fire rated doors are not only made to meet the highest quality construction standards of up to 90-minute fire ratings, they are also custom-made to your exact design specifications. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Meeting the standards

Twenty through 90-minute residential and commercial stile and rail fire rated doors feature full panel relief and are carefully engineered to match our non fire rated doors, for a uniform look throughout your commercial or residential project.

Our residential and commercial stile and rail fire rated doors have been specially engineered and tested to maintain a standard 1-3/4″ thickness up to a 90-minute fire rating. You do not need to jump to the 2-1/4” thickness with our doors.

  • All South Shore Millwork’s stile and rail fire doors comply with the following standards: UBC7-2-1997, UL 10-C (positive pressure), NFPA 252 (1995),ASTM-252, and UL10-B (neutral pressure). Read more about how we meet the industry standards.

Architectural flexibility and consistency

  • Choose a hardwood species such as Mahogany or White Oak. Next, choose a style. Style is only limited by your imagination. Then, leave the rest up to our talented team of craftsmen to create your beautiful external and internal fire doors.
  • For a striking, consistent look throughout your entire property, let us build all your doors, including non fire-rated doors.

If you are looking for residential or commercial stile and rail fire rated doors, built to your exact specifications, let the talented professionals here at South Shore Millwork help. Our Boston,Massachusetts area millshop team can create custom design millwork elements to fit any style. Services include design, engineering, project management, fabrication, finish, delivery, and installation provided in the Boston area, throughout New England and beyond.

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Inspiring Design: Chartreuse Millwork

We love the beauty of luxurious, natural wood millwork, and white-painted millwork is also classic. But for a quirky, contemporary look, why not go out on a limb with a bold color? We came across these examples of chartreuse interiors and just had to share.

Somewhere between lime green and lemon yellow, chartreuse adds a poppy, citrus-y kick to any space. Take a look at some great ways to use chartreuse and fine millwork together.

The traditional built-in cabinetry in this historic home has been given a jolt of color, which contrasts nicely with the warm wood plank flooring.

A chartreuse door makes a statement in this otherwise understated foyer.

OK, so this is not an example of painted millwork, but look at how fabulous this chartreuse wall looks juxtaposed with a sleek floating sideboard in a rich, medium dark wood. Floating cabinets are a great choice for contemporary interior design, adding storage while still keeping an open feel to the space.

If you are looking for a luxury millwork company to create custom cabinetry, windows, doors, or other architectural details for your next design project, contact South Shore Millwork today.




Design Museum Boston

At our Norton, Massachusetts millwork company, we are proud to work with some of the best Boston architects, designers, and home builders on luxury residential and commercial projects throughout New England. It’s no secret that Boston has a lot going for it when it comes to great design, and now an innovative new museum is showcasing all that talent and history.

Architectural Record reports that Design Museum Boston has no permanent address, instead popping up at unique venues throughout the city, from the trendy Liberty Hotel to the lightning rod of architectural controversy that is Boston City Hall. One of the creators, young industrial designer Sam Aquillano, describes the challenge of the museum:

We are a museum with many spaces. When people ask, where’s your museum, it’s a challenge to break through people’s pre-conceived notion of what a museum is.

We’re looking forward to seeing where Design Museum Boston will end up next. Have you attended any of their exhibitions? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

image: DMB


Fine Millwork Installation

At South Shore Millwork, we provide our clients with the utmost quality and customer service from the beginning of the project, with skilled, detail-oriented engineering, drafting, and project management, not to mention the impeccable craftsmanship of the artisans in our shop. But what would the point of all that be if we didn’t also offer skilled installation of these finished millwork products?

Fortunately, our New England millwork company employs a dedicated installation crew to ensure our high standards for craftsmanship and quality are met down to the very end. Many of the members of our installation team started out working in the shop, so they truly know their stuff when it comes to fine millwork.

If you are a Boston architect, designer, or luxury home builder looking for an excellent fine millwork company, please contact us today, and be sure to visit our website to see more of our work.

photo: South Shore Millwork



Benefits of Resawn Lumber

Are you familiar with resawn lumber? As an architect, interior designer, or home builder, it’s good know know what this material is and how it can be used.

Resawn lumber is made by re-sawing a thick board into thin slices. Take a look at some of the benefits of resawn lumber below.

  • Lower cost
  • Conserves natural resources
  • Provides uniformity in color and grain
  • Allows easier matching
  • Reduces sand-through errors
  • Healthier, more robust looking product
  • Stable- does not produce checks like thick-sliced veneers tend to do.

This versatile product can then be used for door skins, flooring, boat building, and radius moulding. If you are looking for a luxury millwork supplier to create your resawn lumber, contact South Shore Millwork today. Located in Norton, Massachusetts, our millwork company has been providing high-quality architectural woodwork to designers and architects throughout Boston and New England for over 20 years.

Call us at 888.903.5308 to discuss your custom millwork project today.

photo: South Shore Millwork

Home Sizes Bounce Back Bigger

After years of shrinking home sizes, the average home size has bounced back and is once again growing, according to the Wall Street Journal. Leading American home building company, KB Homes, reports that the average square footage of the homes they produce has increased 13% since last year, with many homeowners opting for floor plans in excess of 3,500 square feet.

One of the main reasons behind this uptick in the building industry is the currently record-low interest rates. At less than 4% for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, many buyers are able to upgrade without increasing their monthly mortgages.

In addition to the lure of low interest rates, home buyers are recognizing the benefit of building a larger home from the beginning. When builders place large orders, they get larger discounts, so adding that extra space right from the start is ultimately a better deal than adding on to a home years down the line.

This is good news for architects, designers, and home builders, as well as the homeowners who will benefit from their larger living spaces. Will the trend continue? It will be interesting to see where home sizes go in the coming years, as desires for luxury homes compete with energy efficiency and other environmental concerns.

If you are a luxury home builder or other design professional working in New England and the Boston area, contact South Shore Millwork today. We create high quality millwork for both residential and commercial spaces, from custom fire-rated doors to unique mouldings and windows.

 photo: South Shore Millwork





Custom Wood Doors

When choosing doors for your New England design project, the functional and safety concerns don’t have to outweigh style thanks to our custom fire-rated doors! At South Shore Millwork, we offer the very best in wood or MDF fire-rated doors, with hundreds of styles and unlimited customization  allowing you to achieve any aesthetic.

While most other fire door manufacturers only offer higher fire ratings with subsequently larger door thickness reaching 2-1/4 inches, we have specially designed our fire doors to maintain standard 1-3/4 inch thickness for ratings up to 90 minutes. These doors have been engineered and tested extensively to ensure quality and performance.

Another benefit of our fire-rated doors is that they match our non-rated doors, providing a consistent look throughout the space- a necessity for any high-end project.We can create doors to fit any style, and even craft reproductions for historic renovations.

If you are a New England architect, interior designer, or builder looking for a fine millwork company in the Boston area, call us today at 888.903.5308.

Creative Hidden Storage

Finely crafted millwork adds beauty to homes and other spaces, but it can also serve a more practical function. We love it when we have the opportunity to create architectural millwork that combines aesthetics, function, and a bit of clever sleight of hand.

Take for example this hidden storage compartment we created. What looks at first glance like a neutral wall panel actually conceals an impressive amount of storage. The hidden compartment allows room for necessary items without detracting from the artwork and the overall look of the room.

Another great example is the fireplace surround with hidden flat screen TV that we showed you in a recent blog post.

The pull-out storage in this contemporary bathroom is simple and effective. (via Houzz)

This under-stair storage is another great example of hiding lots of storage space behind an attractive millwork facade. It’s also a great way to take an awkward or wasted space and make it count for a lot. (via Pinterest)

If you are interested in adding creative storage to your next design project, we’d love to work with you! Contact South Shore Millwork today to learn more about our Boston custom millwork company.

Architectural Millwork Transformations

When done right, architectural millwork is one of the best ways to transform a space, adding detail and elegance. We were quite impressed with this recent feature in Architectural Digest, in which a San Francisco home gets a sophisticated makeover with the addition of unique millwork elements and a much more current aesthetic and color palette. Take a look at some of our favorite before and after comparisons from the article, below.

The bright and busy foyer received a wonderful redesign, taking it from a rectangular space to an oval. The magnificent inlaid floor is echoed by the oval ceiling moulding. Though understated and painted the same color as the walls and ceiling, this moulding enhances the roundness of the room.

The stunning views of the San Francisco Bay make a beautiful backdrop for the conservatory, which is now classically elegant thanks to the pared down draperies and warm, calm color scheme. But the really brilliant design move in this room is the addition of Doric columns flanking the alcove, which frame the view and add a lovely architectural element.

This side-by-side comparison has a huge amount of interesting millwork to see. In the image at left, what at first appear to be draperies are actually astonishingly detailed works of trompe l’oeil wood carving. The lambrequins and desk are both carved from wood. In the image on the right of the study after renovation, we love the rich use of millwork in columns, paneling, and wide, deep moulding which adorns the wall and ceiling.

If you’re looking for a provider of fine architectural millwork for your New England luxury design projects, please contact South Shore Millwork today. Our Norton, Massachusetts shop works with designers and architects in Boston and beyond, and we would love the opportunity to discuss your project.

Inside Look at a Custom Fireplace Surround with Hidden TV

In our last post we showed you a custom fireplace surround with an exciting secret- the elegant mahogany paneling of the 25′ tall surround opens up and spins around to reveal a flat screened TV. This project involved a lot of collaboration between our New England millwork shop, an architect, engineer, and audio visual contractor. The end result is a beautiful work of craftsmanship as well as a fun, unexpected conversation piece!

We are extremely meticulous with our shop drawings, which is one reason why architects and builders love to work with us. Since we get so many compliments on our blueprints and shop drawings, we thought you might enjoy seeing the one from this project. To see the full-size PDF of this image, click here- Fireplace Shop Drawing.

In addition to the undeniably cool hidden television, this project also includes a hidden door leading to the library. The shelves to the right of the fireplace swing out to reveal the doorway.

We love working on unique, technically complex projects like this, so if you’re looking for high-end millwork for your Boston or New England area design project, give us a call today, or visit our website, South Shore Millwork.