Choosing the best high-end residential hardwood flooring

Beautiful and Durable

Beautiful and Durable

Choosing the perfect luxury wood species for your high-end residential flooring

When selecting a hardwood species for your client’s high-end, luxury home, appearance is of the utmost importance, along with durability.

Is your client’s taste modern, traditional, rustic, or are they looking to undertake an historical renovation?

Different species of wood such as Cherry, Walnut, and Maple, along with professional hand-scraping to bring out the wood’s unique hardwood characteristics, support these different settings.

Let’s say, for example, your client’s taste is very elegant. Cherry, one of the world’s most exquisite species, would be the perfect match with its subtle, straight grain, and a satiny, smooth finish.

Or, for that client looking for magnificent radiance throughout their home, Walnut, with its swirling grain and rich dark brown tones, delivers just that look.

Furthermore, Walnut, when properly stained, would give that antique look your client wants to achieve in their historical renovation.

Don’t be fooled by their beauty; anything built from these hardwoods will last a lifetime.

We love to talk wood so please feel free to give us a call at 508-226-5500 to learn more. South Shore Millwork is your luxury architectural millwork shop located about equidistant between Boston and Providence in Norton, Massachusetts.

The South Shore Millwork Story

Jeffrey Burton, owner South Shore MIllworkA note from Jeff Burton, Owner, South Shore Millwork

Thank you for visiting our blog.  The South Shore Millwork blog is written by our dedicated marketing person on a weekly basis but this time I thought I would take some time to tell you a little bit about my start, our employees, and customers to give you a glimpse into who we are and what we stand for.

In the beginning

As a child, I liked spending time cutting wood on my father’s drill saw. What I liked most was, when I was done, I saw what I built, and it was a really good feeling. So, it was only natural then that I would attend a vocational school where I could hone my skills and prepare for a career in custom woodwork.

I graduated from Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School, majoring in carpentry. Shortly after graduating, I started working as a furniture refinisher, and then moved on to a few architectural millwork shops, before finally realizing in 1991 that it was time to go out on my own. And, with the support of my wife, Sue, South Shore Millwork in Norton, Massachusetts became a reality!

I started small, before I knew it we had ten talented woodworkers, and we quickly grew to thirty in a matter of two years. That growth rate was the result of our team’s commitment to consistently providing not only an incredible product but also outstanding customer service.

I am personally involved in every hire, ensuring every new team member has a similar work ethic, talent, and the desire to provide an outstanding customer experience to every customer – architects, interior designers, general contractors, and construction managers.


South Shore Millwork would not be celebrating its 23rd year without the incredibly talented and dedicated 70+ person team of craftsman, engineers, installers, project managers, and administrative personnel. This team is the reason our high-end customers keep coming back, and why they refer their friends, families, and business associates. To learn more about them, please take a moment to look at their bios.

In summer 2014, we will be adding 47,000 additional square feet to our existing 33,000 square foot modern, climate controlled shop. Our new facility will include a newly designated area for commercial projects, increased areas for residential work, and will provide more efficiency in manufacturing. As always, South Shore Millwork will continue to blend time honored woodworking techniques with the latest advances in new technology.

Our specialty; our customers

I would say our specialty is two-fold – providing an outstanding customer experience coupled with incredibly beautiful woodwork. We cater to the luxury residential and commercial markets. Our staff is adept at taking an idea, a vision, and making it a reality, all the while keeping the client engaged, informed, and happy.

In closing, I thank you for taking the time to read my note. Please be sure to check out our work if you have a project you’d like us to review; or, if you are searching for a career, be sure to check out our open positions.


Resawn Lumber

Resawing lumber into thinner pieces, resawn lumber, architectural millwork, architectural woodwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New EnglandLet us help you make your customer’s vision a reality.

Your environmentally conscious customer calls to tell you they see a gorgeous, bowed hand railing for their new curved stairway in their back yard! What they really see… an oak tree’s stump. This is when you call us. We cut the wood to the right specifications and you’re on your way to creating that work of art. Or, let us create it for you!

As New England’s largest resawn lumber provider, woodworkers, wholesale lumber suppliers, and millwork shops count on South Shore Millwork for their resawn lumber needs.  We have the manpower and equipment to cut thick lumber into thin cuts.  Our stock or yours, the outcome is the same – resawn lumber cut just right to your specifications.


  • Standard thicknesses: 1/10”, 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”re-sawn lumber, architectural millwork, architectural woodworking, Boston, Massachusetts, New England
  • Other sizes available upon request
  • Available in widths 1-1/2” to 13”
  • Any wood species


  • Cost effectivere-sawn lumber, architectural millwork, architectural woodwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New England
  • Sustainable practice
  • Uniform color and grain
  • Bookmatching is standard
  • Glueable faces
  • Reduction in sand-through errors
  • More stable than veneer
  • No checks

Sample Uses

  • Door skins
  • Flooring
  • Curved mouldings
  • Boat building

Resawn lumber, custom tailored to fit your unique vision. Contact us to learn more.

Trim and Moulding: Make a Royal Statement

maple ceiling and trimA room without crown moulding is like a queen without her crown!

Upon entering a newly constructed or renovated room, your eyes scan the floor, then the walls looking at the doorways and windows and then, finally, the ceiling.  You know something is missing; the room doesn’t look quite right – it looks… unfinished.

That’s where South Shore Millwork’s custom trim and moulding come in.  Whether residential, commercial or historical, baseboard, casing, chair rail, or crown moulding, these design elements add finery to any room worthy of royalty.white painted crown moulding

Trim must be of the highest quality and must be carefully chosen to further the aesthetic of the space.  It can make a powerful design statement by highlighting distinctive features and creating focal points in rooms.  Moulding design elements not only enhance a home’s interior but it can add visual interest to a home’s exterior too.  Whether your home’s style leans classic or modern, you can customize it with gorgeous architectural details.

exterior white painted crownSouth Shore Millwork works with architects, general contractors, custom home builders and interior designers from all over New England to create commercial and residential spaces of distinction.  We stock hundreds of knives to create virtually any moulding profile.  And, if we don’t have the profile in stock, we will have a custom knife made to fabricate any special requests.  So please take a peek at our extensive moulding catalog or contact us to learn more about our eye-catching finishing touches.

Stave Cores for Doors

Our custom stave cores for wood doors are designed to perform, inside and out.

wood stave core for doorsNo other architectural woodwork takes more abuse than a door. At South Shore Millwork, we strongly encourage our customers to use stave core construction in doors with exposure to the elements, such as residential, commercial and industrial exterior doors and interior doors that will experience heavy usage.  Our stave core doors look amazing and offer greater firmness and resistance to breakage, which is important at hardware cutouts and glass openings.

Our high-quality, custom-made stave core is made by bonding together small pieces of wood to form a core blank.  Once bonded, it is sanded to a uniform thickness.  Finger-jointed hard, soft, or rot resistant wood cores provide stability for all types of wood as well as book matching capabilities.

South Shore Millwork has stave cores available for 1-7/8” to 2-3/8” thick doors and up to 120” long and are made to your custom specifications and wood species. Contact us for high performing stave cores to be used for your doors or in ours.

Curved & Radius Architectural Woodwork

Of the many types of custom architectural woodworking we do here at South Shore Millwork, some of our most extraordinary projects involve curved and radius work.

curved cabinetry, architectural woodwork, millwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New EnglandEntrance doors, cabinetry, and architectural features with rounded elements can be a beautiful addition to any design or renovation project, and we have the high quality craftsmanship to bring your vision to life.

Imagine a bar or countertop so luxurious in rich mahogany, its curves as smooth and flowing as silk, easily becoming the focal point of any high-end lounge, residential Chef’s kitchen or master suite.

historical oak curved entry door, architectural woodwork, millwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New EnglandPicture a majestic historical building with dramatically curved doors and windows, crafted from the finest old English oak, every detail perfectly matching to its original architectural design.

Or, the interior of a place of worship, luxury hotel or residence where radius raised panel millwork perfectly accentuates a domed ceiling, and passageways are framed with curved soffits enriching the look of every room.

We can plot your curved or radius piece for computer-aided manufacturing, have it re-sawn for vacuum pressing, or hand-carved at the bench for that custom-made distinction.

We partner with general contractors, construction managers, architects, and interior designers to consistently produce and deliver the finest architectural woodwork.

Let us create the extraordinary for you; contact us today!

radius beamed ceiling, architectural woodwork, millwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New Englandcurved vanity, architectural woodwork, millwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New England radius paneled wall architectural woodwok1

Excellence in Residential Architectural Woodworking

You only work with the best. And so do we. 

custom residential architectural millwork, woodwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New EnglandDiscerning interior designers, general contractors, builders, and architects choose to partner with South Shore Millwork on luxury residential projects because they want the best of both worlds – the industry’s most talented architectural millworkers, coupled with a talented team of professionals who is fully committed to the success of all projects.

Our estimators, engineers, project managers, craftsmen, and installers work with you as a cohesive team. Their ability to anticipate, pinpoint and correct areas of concern, and deliver an improved version of your vision, are just some of reasons why our team is so highly regarded.

Whether traditional, transitional, modern or contemporary, our architectural woodwork will take your breath away –

  • Elaborate woodwork in specialty rooms including bowling alleys, basketball courts, media rooms, pools and spas

luxury residential indoor pool, architectural millwork, woodwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New England

  • Amazing Chef’s kitchens with stunning custom kitchen cabinets

custom residential kitchen cabinets, architectural millwork, woodwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New England

  • Beautifully crafted bath vanities featuring curved or rounded elements become a work of art in your client’s master bath

custom residential bath vanity, architectural millwork, woodwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New England

  • Impeccable built-ins, custom doors, windows, and mouldings throughout your client’s home

custom residential window, architectural millwork, woodwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New England

  • Distinctive exterior architectural features including custom siding, intricate trim work, grand entranceways, and striking cupolas

custom residential exterior trim, architectural millwork, woodwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New England

Experience the best when you collaborate with us on your next high-end residential project.  Contact us today!

Custom Architectural Millwork for Commercial Spaces

commercial conference table, architectural millwork, architectural woodwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New EnglandAt South Shore Millwork our attention to the details, as well as to tight schedules, assures that your commercial project will be completed as promised, with even the finest detail intact. Put your trust in our ability to provide you with that feeling of total satisfaction the moment you walk into your new space.  We expect you will be awed by the perfection in the smallest accent in hardware to the largest components, on time, just the way you want it.

commercial office, architectural millwork, architectural woodwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New EnglandFrom sleek display cabinetry for high-end retail shops; intricate historical restoration work; stunning restaurant and hospitality interiors; office fit-outs to support your client’s corporate image; traditional yet sophisticated casework for academic establishments – no matter what the industry or the style, project size or schedule constraints, South Shore Millwork partners with general contractors, construction managers, and architects to consistently produce  and deliver the finest architectural woodwork and casework for commercial spaces, capturing your client’s vision and creating a lasting, great first impression.

When you enter into your newly renovated commercial space we know that you will see a finished product that meets your every specification in the time agreed upon.

Make a great first impression on your next commercial project. Contact us today!

commercial lobby, architectural millwork, architectural woodwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New Englandcommercial lobby kiosk,  architectural millwork, architectural woodwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New Englandcommercial hotel cocktail bar, architectural millwork, architectural woodwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New England

Fire Rated Doors Can Have Style!

full panel fire rated doorFire rated doors offer homes and commercial properties protection against the spread of fire and smoke. However general contractors, architects, and interior designers experience design constraints due to limited choices available by mass-produced, production line assembled doors. But function and safety concerns don’t have to outweigh style thanks to South Shore Millwork’s custom capabilities.We can work almost any custom design feature into our fire rated doors carefully designed and engineered to match other non-rated doors. Matter-of-fact, we can provide all the doors for your project – fire rated or not.


fire rated door

flush fire rated door with plant on moulding

So you no longer need to settle for flush doors with plant-on mouldings when it comes to fire doors. South Shore Millwork’s fire rated doors offer full panel relief, engineered to match the profiles of other non-rated panel doors.

Doors are offered in both paint grade MDF and stain grade wood construction. Other manufacturers force you to make the jump to 2 ¼” thick doors for higher fire ratings but not us. We have specially engineered and tested our fire doors to maintain a standard 1 ¾” thickness up to a 90-minute fire rating.

In addition, we offer both neutral and positive pressure 20-minute fire rated doors and positive pressure 45-, 60-, and 90-minute fire rated doors. Please click on the link to see a complete list of our offerings.

fire rated door

full panel relief

If you are looking for fire rated doors with style for your next project, let the talented professionals here at South Shore Millwork help. Our Boston, Massachusetts area based luxury millwork company can create custom design millwork elements to fit any style. Services include design, engineering, project management, fabrication, finish, delivery, and installation provided in the Boston area, throughout New England and beyond.

Custom Staircase Design: Nautical Newel Post

staircase newel nautical design, architectural millwork, architectural woodwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New England

Stairs are a functional part of any multi-story building but they are also a wonderful opportunity for creative design.  Unique shapes and detailing on a staircase can give a room loads of personality and structural interest.


Take this staircase designed by South Shore Millwork’s Project Manager, Gerald Whalen.  Jerry worked with the homeowner to create the nautical theme on this newel post.  He meticulously worked out the details to create a distinctive focal point for the home’s entryway.

staircase newel, architectural millwork, architectural woodwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New England

Initial hand-drawn rendering by Gerald Whalen

And then a CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawing was created with specific measurements for fabrication.

staircase newel, architectural millwork, architectural woodwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New England

CAD drawing based on hand-drawing rendering

The staircase newel post was assembled and installed on site by our expert craftsman. staircase newel nautical design, architectural millwork, architectural woodwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New England

The lantern that sits on the top was custom fabricated by Northeast Lantern based on specifications provided by Jerry.  The lantern is made out of antique brass with clear “seedy” glass.

staircase newel nautical design, architectural millwork, architectural woodwork, Boston, Massachusetts, New England

If you are looking for something creative for your next remodeling project or new home, let the talented professionals here at South Shore Millwork help.  Our Boston, Massachusetts area based luxury millwork company can create custom design millwork elements to fit any style.  Services include design, engineering, project management, fabrication, finish, delivery, and installation provided in the Boston area, throughout New England and beyond.