A brighter future at South Shore Millwork!

Expanding our efforts in Living Green

Our third expansion project, as previously mentioned in our other two blog posts this week, is our solar project! At South Shore Millwork, we are really excited to be gaining greater energy independence through the world’s cleanest energy – Solar!

We have selected Borrego Solar to manage the installation of a solar array on top of our new 47,000 square foot millwork shop, and a solar array field on the grounds in the rear.

The solar arrays will produce 880kW of electricity annually for the next 30 plus years. There will be 2,242 of ground mounted panels and 646 roof mounted panels that will produce enough electrical energy to power our 80,000 square feet state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, office equipment and lighting.

Other ways we are Living Green

1. Our wood dust is collected by our state-of-the-art dust collection system into trailers that are hauled away each month by a New England-based wood pellet manufacturer. The wood dust is then re-purposed in the highest quality residential and commercial wood pellet grade fuel. The pellets, made from sustainably produced biomass, play a major role in reducing demand for fossil fuels. This renewable resource plays a significant contribution to meeting regional energy demands.

2. Our solid and scrap wood waste is collected in roll-off containers and hauled to a regional wood waste recycler. The solid and scrap wood is then ground into organic wood-based products such as landscaping mulch, soil blends and safety playground surfacing products.

3. We also recycle our finish stain and cleaning solvents in house. We employ a technology allowing us to minimize the waste created by our finish stains and cleaning solvents by 90%. Prior to purchasing this technology, our used stains and solvents were liquid waste that had to be responsibly disposed of through a third-party vendor. Now this liquid waste is recycled, and the liquids such as stains and paint thinners are cleaned, distilled, reclaimed, and used over and over with virtually no loss of effectiveness. The investment in this technology has created a cost savings to the company while minimizing disposable waste to near nothing.

We will continue to provide regular updates on the solar project, so please check back often.

If you would like to discuss a residential millwork or commercial millwork project, give Wayne a call at 781.738.3012 or  email him at wbarthe@southshoremillwork.com.


Why you should choose South Shore Millwork for your design needs

At Shore Shore Millwork we work closely with architects, interior designers and general contractors to provide the highest quality work for residential and commercial projects. Our attention to detail and our ability to make certain that the integrity of the design is upheld is one of the reasons our business has been so successful.

With our experienced team of experts we can take on the most intricate of designs and transform your idea into reality. Take a look below at some of our work below.

South Shore Millwork

South Shore Millwork

South Shore Millwork

If you are in the New England area and are looking for high-quality craftsmanship give South Shore Millwork a call at 888-903-5308!

Don’t sacrifice design with your fire rated doors

Fire doors offer homes and commercial properties protection against the spread of fire and smoke. Here at South Shore Millwork, we have hundreds of different style doors with custom capabilities. From 20  to 90- minute fire doors we allow a consistent look in your design without sacrificing  the overall style.

Say goodbye to flush doors with plant-on mouldings and hello to full panel relief and custom designed doors. With South Shore Millwork you can also specify glass doors in 20-minute ratings and all of our fire doors are in compliance with the following standards: UBC7-2-1997, UL 10-C (positive pressure), NFPA 252 (1995), ASTM-252, and UL10-B (neutral pressure).

To learn more about fire rated doors please visit our website at Southshoremillwork.com or email us at info@southshoremillwork.com.