South Shore Millwork at the AIA Conference
July 16, 2018  by South Shore Millwork 

South Shore Millwork was at the AIA Conference on Architecture in NYC showcasing its custom Fire Rated...

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South Shore Millwork News 
1st Place in Charity Fishing Tournament.
July 1, 2018  by South Shore Millwork 

On Friday June 22nd, Jeff Burton owner of South Shore Millwork, Frank Papp owner of Division 15 HVAC,...

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Fire Rated Doors 
Fire Rated Doors with a Custom Look
May 12, 2018  by South Shore Millwork 

Are you an architect, interior designer or home builder in the Boston area in search of custom fire rated...

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Fire Rated Doors 
Why Make Custom Wooden Fire Rated Doors
March 20, 2018  by South Shore Millwork 

When South Shore Millwork started back in 1991 it started by manufacturing wooden doors and frames for commercial...

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Elliptical Concrete Forms & Bell-Shaped Roof Framing
February 26, 2018  by South Shore Millwork 

In Today’s High-End Residential Market many Architects and Designers are pushing the boundaries of their...

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Architectural Millwork  Architectural Woodwork  Custom Doors  Custom Mouldings  Custom Staircases  Residential 
New Custom Millwork Made to Look Old
February 14, 2018  by South Shore Millwork 

A new design trend going on today is to have newly fabricated custom millwork and cabinetry built to look...

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Care & Maintenance  Design News  Our Operation 
South Shore Millwork Announces its New Website
February 6, 2018  by South Shore Millwork 

We are pleased to announce the launch of our newly designed South Shore Millwork website. Our main goal...

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Our Operation  Remodeling Spaces 
Our Curved and Radius Work
March 11, 2017  by South Shore Millwork 

Of the many types of custom woodworking we do here at South Shore Millwork, some of our most beautiful...

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Featured  Our Operation 
Curved Custom Millwork
February 10, 2017  by South Shore Millwork 

The curve- it is an invaluable design element, adding grace, dynamism, and sophistication to everything...

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Fire Rated Doors 
Beautiful residential and commercial stile and rail fire rated doors
July 6, 2014  by South Shore Millwork 

With South Shore Millwork’s custom fire doors and frames, you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety....

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Architectural Millwork  Architectural Woodwork  South Shore Millwork News 
What’s been happening at our architectural millwork shop?
June 22, 2014  by South Shore Millwork 

Solar Project recap at South Shore Millwork What we have learned: There are many moving pieces and details...

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Architectural Millwork  Architectural Woodwork  Care & Maintenance  Our Operation  Our Process  South Shore Millwork News 
South Shore Millwork continues to expand
June 5, 2014  by South Shore Millwork 

Expanding our efforts in Living Green Our third expansion project, as previously mentioned in our other...

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